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"Hark (listen), what's coming in from out there"

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Q: What is the translation of Horch was Kommt von Draussen 'Rein?
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Is there a translation into English of the German song Horch Was Kommt von Draussen Rein?

Hark, who's that out side right now? Holahi Holaho Could it be my love somehow? Holahihaho. Don't pass by oh won't you stay. Holahi Holaho Then I'd find my love today. Holahihaho

What is the history of Horch was kommt von draußen rein?

That was a German folksong translated to English in the BBC's 1950's 'Singing Together' series. Horch was kommt von draußen rein translated in English means what comes in from outside.

What is kommt von druassen rein?

it means come inside (the actual translation means come from outside back in)

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