What is the true art of the dirty joke?

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What is a joke?

A joke is a statement, question, or story used with the intent ofmaking someone laugh. Joke means to tell someone about a humorous conversation, orincident or a fictitious narration or a funny anecdote that isusually amusing and results in a refreshing laughter that is mostlyenjoyable unless a perso ( Full Answer )

Are you joking?

i wont say you never said to say the answer it only said answer it but didnt say to write with letters boo

What is a dirty joke?

A little boy fell in mud. Want to hear a clean joke? A little boy took a bath with bubbles. Want to hear a dirty joke? Bubbles is the girl that lives next door. Wanna hear a dirtier joke? Bubbles was his mom.

What is funny about dirty jokes?

Some people think it is funny but not for some some people that like dirty jokes are the one who say swear words and have the dirty stuff with females su dont get intrasted in those jokes

What are Plato's requirements for a true art?

One of them is that art has to improve a person or a group of people in either a physically (i.e. sports such as gymnastics) or mentally (mathematics and other mind strengthening and problem solving subjects).

What is a good dirty joke?

Sarah, " OMG! That girl just left him for a person with more money. That means that she's a GOLD DIGGER!" Lucy, "THAT NOSE PICKER!" Sarah, " No Lucy. A Gold Digger is someone who only likes a person for their money..." Lucy, " OH! That nose picker..." Sarah, "UGGHHH! GOLD DIGGER!" Lucy, " I bet sh ( Full Answer )

Who is a dirty?

Well names that are John, Declan, Cyle, James, Shimma, and lets don't forget the dirtiest man alive, Mike Rowe, the host of Dirty Jobs.

My friend always telling me ugly is it true or a joke?

well if your friend acts like she's not your friend then sorry to tell you but she's not joking but if you know that she is your friend then she's just joking!!! . sorry hear bout that though bye

What are jokes for?

Jokes exist to make people laugh. Jokes also exist to make smile onyour face also to make you happy whenever you are tense.

Is The Dirty Dozen based on a true story?

No. Great effort was placed into making the story plausible, as something that could have happened, but there was no squad of convicted criminals dropped into Normandy in WW2.

Why do guys tell dirty jokes around girls they dont know?

It may mean nothing in particular, or it may mean something, but the meaning would depend on the situation and the people involved. Here are some possibilities, which you can think about and evaluate to see if any match your own intuition: (1) The guys are trying to tease or embarrass the girl; (2 ( Full Answer )

What do jokes do?

To make people laugh if he or her is sad or to cheer him or her up.

What is the dirty joke on the episode of Family Guy The Splendid Source?

A brand new wife is nervous that she is too big for her new husband since she has told him she's a virgin. A friend tells her to put raw meat inside to fill up the space. After their first night of passionate love making she awakens to find her new husband has left for work he has left a note. T ( Full Answer )

Are there dirty jokes in Disney Pixar movies?

I'm sorry to say this but your childhood is ruined. Yes, yes there are, if your talking about the naked woman in the window in that mouse movie, or if your talking about the sex cloud in lion king, or even the skull and demonic message in beauty and the beast. There always have and always be horrid ( Full Answer )

What is true of realistic art?

Just about everything is true about realistic art. It's simple superficially but it can be deep if looked at thoroughly, which is, in a nutshell, realism.

What makes art true art?

It is something creative made with care, if you are talking general. Like a five year old finger painting that is creative and they think it was made carefully is true art to some people, but not to others. Others say that it must be an amazing piece of work that is museum capable.

Did it get dirty?

yes it got dirty because bumm s always do kaka stupid . and for more information log on to www.butts learning.com thank u

What if a boy jokes that he likes you it is true or not?

Okay girls, here's your answer to be able to tell whether a boy really likes your or not: First of all, observe his behaviour and his actions when he's with people like his friends. Then observe him when he's with other girls in your class. Then see how he acts around you e.g. If a boy is normally ( Full Answer )