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What is the true way to get th HM waterfall in Pokemon silver?


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I think you find it on the way to the 8:th gym in the ice cave :)

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in the cave between the mt moon and when you get to it then you use flash first, then you surf all the way up and there is a waterfall. one of your Pokemon have to know how to use waterfall, after the waterfall, surf all the way up and then you find a cave on the left and you enter in then you can find some where in the cave because i found it.

The way you get waterfall is by trading the waterfall HM from Fire Red Version or the other Version that have waterfall HM ( you can trade with a link cable or wireless adaptor)

When you get Rayquaza to stop Kyogre and Grouden from fighting Wallace will give you waterfall but then you have to get sootopolis gym badge to do it.

You can find the HM for waterfall in Pokemon Soulsilver by first defeating the 7th gym leader in Johto. Go to Ice Cave and along the way you will find a man who has lost the HM. Find it and he will give you the HM for waterfall. Hope this helps!

go to sunyshore city use surf on the route make sure you beat volkner any way use surf on the route keep going strate and use waterfall on the waterfall you will see a cave entrance go threw cave and use waterfall theres the POKEMON LEAGE

If you have got the Silver Wing from the old man in Pallet Town on the Kanto map, then go back to Johto to the whirl caves. Go to the cave in the bottom right corner. You need whirlpool to get in there. Make your way through the cave until you get to a large waterfall. Go down the waterfall, and there would be a cave on the left when you reach the bottom of the waterfall. Lugia will be in there.

You can't. You have to go all the way around.

In Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal/Heart Gold/ Soul Silver you can have it as a starter but otherwise the only way to get it is from trading.

The Pokemon bocking your way is a Sudowoodo. To battle the Sudowoodo, you must use the Squirt Bottle on it.

the same way with any Pokemon games

On your way to the spear pillar one of the rooms you have to go through has a big pond use surf and at the farest north is a waterfall.

You catch them the same way you do in Silver.

You go to Mt. Silver all the way to the top.

You can not. There is no possible way of getting a Deoxy's in Pokemon Soul Silver.

You can't tell where a Feebas is in Pokemon Sapphire. The only way to get Feebas is to fish in a certain waterfall, and there are 4 spots where Feebas would be out of the whole river beneath and above the waterfall, and you have to use a Super Rod.

u need Pokemon that can use surf waterfall whirlpool silver wing(an item) u might need flash but if u look at a walkthrough u can find a way without flash(i did that cause i lost flash i couldn't find it or a Pokemon with it)and i think that's it its more than 2 but ya

Silver cave in Pokemon Gold is located on route 28 on the way to Mt. Silver. The player will need Cut and Surf to navigate this passage.

The only way to wake up Snorlax on Pokemon Silver is by using the Poke Flute on kanto radio

You get HM Waterfall on Route 18. It's near the place where you find Rook, one of the Seven Sages, all the way to the end of the route.I hope I helped! :D

In the ice path after you have finished the big ice bit go right until you find another ice bit then when you are on the ice bit find a way to get to the waterfall HM

no just like all HM's u need to obtain them you get waterfall the same way as diamond+pearl talk to jasmin on the beach at sunnyshore city.

you must have the hm(i dont remember its number)that contains waterfall then when you are in the front of the waterfall press a then click yes and you climbed the waterfall a easier way si to do the walk through walls code(srry if i am spelling wrong im not enghlish) and to get through what cave

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