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it is made up of brass and it is factory made

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the trumpet is made of brass or sometimes silver.

wich country made the first trumpet

The modern trumpet is made mostly out of brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc.

The trumpet was first made as early as 1500 B.C

the reason why the change has been made to the trumpet

It's a cheap mass produced trumpet made in China. I wouldn't describe it as good.

yes there are trumpets made for each key, a piccolo and a bass trumpet, and a pocket trumpet!

The best trumpet is a Bach, i recommend a B flat trumpet made by Yamaha if your not a professional. always go with a B flat trumpet though.

The best information we have points to the trumpet being invented in Egypt. The modern valved trumpet was invented in Germany.

various metals. the more pricey the trumpet, the more pure the metal

The changes are that back in 1814 the trumpet was a red colour where as now it is golden.

It depends on you definition of trumpet. The trumpet has come along way and made many changes. The oldest 'trumpet' can be found in Egypt and was part of a tomb. Yet the modern trumpet(with valves) has been constantly changing.

Trumpets don't have to be made of brass, many are made of horn. It's a wind instrument so yes it is a form of Trumpet.

the trumpet was made in china 100milion years ago by an old man possibly called cincageo

No one knows for sure but the trumpet we know today was made by Heinrich Stölzel and Friedrich Bluhmeh

They are made in China and are cheap. They are not good quality instruments. I wouldn't waste my money on them if I were you.

It depends on the serial number.

Trumpets are made of metal and not animal pieces.

A trumpet can be made out of many things (including PVC), but the most common type is brass-yellow brass, gold brass, and silver brass

A trumpet is made out of mostly brass (Zinc and Copper). The spit key pads are made out of cork, and, for some trumpets, the valve pads are made out of rubber. Others are made out of felt. The top of the valve keys are usually made out of Mother-of-Pearl, and any screws are made out of steel. The trumpet is almost always finished with a lacquer, and that may be silver, gold, or a kind of copper.

a trumpet because it is made from brass hypercotriatic material. hope this helps

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