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What is the tuxedo flower called?

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It's called a boutonniere

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Why tuxedo cake is called tuxedo cake?

Because they are tall and elegant.

What flower does Tuxedo Mask throw?

Tuxedo Mask throws red roses. Tuxedo Mask possesses the Sailor Crystal, which gives him power over planet Earth. He is a character in the Sailor Moon series.

What is another name for a dinner jacket?

There is a six (6) letter word for it. It is called a tuxedo.

What is a tuxedo with feathers called?

a penguin

Why is a tuxedo called a soup and fish?

Your Mom. That's why.

Why are men's suits called a tuxedo?

The fancy evening suits are named for a New York Country Club where they became famous: "Tuxedo Park."

What that song called in the film the tuxedo when there in the taxi?

Screw up by overseer

What are the features of a tuxedo cat?

A Tuxedo cat is a cat whose main color are comprised of black and white. They are more commonly called a bicolor or piebald cat. The name comes from the fact that it looks like the cat is wearing a Tuxedo.

Where did the word tuxedo come from?

The word "tuxedo" is short for "tuxedo coat". It was named after a country club in Tuxedo Park, NY, USA.

What color tuxedo should you wear when your date is wearing deep royal purple?

A standard black tuxedo is probably best, but a vest may be worn that may match the dress or the accent flower should be purple so that the two of you will match.

What is a flower seed called?

A seed flower is called an ovule

Is there a flower called Jocelyn?

No there is no such thing as a a flower called Jocelyn.

Where was the tuxedo originated from?

The Tuxedo originated from the resort town of Tuxedo Park, New York, in 1886.

Where is the Tuxedo Park Library in Tuxedo Park located?

The address of the Tuxedo Park Library is: 227 Route 17, Tuxedo Park, 10987 4405

Why is sun flower seeds called sun flower seeds?

They are called sun flower seeds because they come from a sun flower.

What is the sash that a man wearing a tuxedo wears around his waist called?

A Cumberbun

What is a flower that has both stamens and a pistil called?

They are called perfect flower

What is the sperm of the flower called?

The sperm of the flower is also called pollen.

What is the Yukon's flower symble called?

what is the Yukon's flower symbol called

What a flower is called in German language?

flower is called blume in german

Where do tuxedo cats originate from?

=Hello Dear.==I shall begin explaining about the cat that wears tuxedos.==Such cat creatures originated from Alaska, they were called tuxedo cats because they were dressed in tuxedo, to insulate them from the unbearably crisp conditions caused by sub zero temperatures.=

There is a flower which looks dried like a parrot. How is the flower called?

There is a rare tropical flower called "The Parrot Flower" this may be what you are looking for.

Can tuxedos do things similar to the movie 'tuxedo'?


What are Tuxedo applications?

It shows you the price and the information of the tuxedo

What is the duration of The Tuxedo?

The duration of The Tuxedo is 1.63 hours.