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It has tap root system

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Q: What is the type of roots do delonix regia have?
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What is the scientific name for Delonix regia?

Delonix regia becase the scientific name isDelonix regia and comman name is Flamboyantby:abul

What is the scientific name for a GULMOHAR?

Delonix regia

What is Madagascar's National Flower?

Poinciana (Delonix regia)

Is Gulmohar a herb or shrub?

Delonix regia

What is the English name of krishanachura?

santos flower

What is the scientific name for the flamboyant tree?

The scientific name of the flamboyant tree is Delonix regia.

What is the scientific name of gulmohor tree?

Gulmohar = Delonix regia (Boj. ex Hook.) Raf. or Poinciana

Can a Delonix regia 'Flamboyant' grow properly in a big container?

Yes, they can. Some people have also grown them indoors. The container would have to be very large.

What are the special features which delonix regia and dendrobium have to ensure the success of their fertilisation process?

Success of fertilization ? - It is ensured once pollination is accomplished. It is insect pollinated and they are attracted by large showy flowers.

What is the meaning of 'Delonix Regia' in Arabic?

Hi, I am from Saudi Arabia, the meaning, perhaps you mean the word? In arabic it is called BONSIANA, Bonsiana بونسيانا You can see it in Saudia arabia, UAE , etc..

Name of the trees large umbrella shaped tree with red blossom in avenues and streets in Cleveland Qld?

Sounds like a Poinciana - Delonix regia. These are all through QLD and particularly brisbane.

The tree known as the king of the forest?

The Fire of the Forest is a nickname for the Royal Poinciana, Delonix regia, which is is also known by the names Gulmohar, Flamboyant Tree, Peacock Flower.