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about five to six times EBIT

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Q: What is the typical Price to Earnings ratio for a service business?
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What is the pe ratio of a business?

Is the Price/Earnings ratio. You can find it by taking the market price per share and dividing it by the annual earnings per share.

Does a retail business figure the breakeven price differently then than a service business does?

The retail business breakeven the price differently from service businesses.

What is the typical price to earnings ratio for the grocery industry?

Typical grocery stores- 30-50% Mass merchandisers- 15-25% Grocery manufactures- 50-70%

What affect does earnings per share have on price earnings ratio?

the price earnings ratio is simply earnings-per-share divided by the share price. OOPS! I got that upside down! It is the share price divided by the earnings per share. The earnings figure might be for the trailing twelve months (ttm) or earnings estimated for the next four quarters.

What is the price-earning?

If you mean the price-earnings ratio. It is the price per share of a common stock divided by the annual earnings of the stock.

What must a business consider when setting a selling price for a good or service?

A business must consider profit margin

What are the primary concerns of business customer?

Price, product quality, service, and supplier relationships.

What's different in business phone service?

Well for business service you need to have a provider that can offer you multiple phones lines at a good price. You are also going to need to get internet service also and business phone providers can offer you bundled services.

How do I know what phone system to install for my business?

When deciding on a phone system for your business, you need to consider four things: price, reliability, and service, and number of lines. Make sure you are getting a phone system that is a price you can afford, that you will not have downtime, that has competent service technicians, and that has the capacity your business needs.

A firm with earnings per share of 5 and a price-earnings ratio of 15 will have a stock price of?

Just use 5 times 15. $75.

What basicaly business is?

To sell a product or service at price higher than what it costs to you to make that product or provide that service. Basically to be profitable.

How to calculate price-earnings ratio?

It is easy to calculate a price to earnings ratio, simply divide the stock price by the annual earnings per share. Earnings per share is calculated by dividing the earnings by the number of outstanding shares in the company. P/E ratios come in two types, trailing and estimated. Trailing P/E ratios are based on the most recent earnings of the company. Estimated P/E ratios are based on the future anticipated earnings of the company. These estimates are usually forecast by financial analysts that cover the stock.

What service does a VOIP phone business offer?

The services a VOIP phone business offer provides a combination of services for a reasonable price. Long distance and voicemail with line can be included in price for free.

What is the different of your bakery business to other?

Probably, the business size and dimensions, the market segment, the product variety and its ingredients, the price, the location and the service.

What can lead to an increase in the price of a company's stock?

Typical reasons include an increase in the company's earnings, or in the value of its holdings, or its percentage of market share for its products. Stock price increases when there is a demand for the stock (buying) and will usually decrease if there is less demand (net selling).

What factors might influence a firm's price-earnings ratio?

The price earnings ratio is influenced by: -the earnings and sales growth of the firms -risk -debt-equity structure of the firm -dividend policy -quality of management -a number of other factors

What is an example of a market prospects ratio?

Price earnings ratio.

If share price equals to eps times price earnings ratio increasing eps should increase share price and is this statement right?

Yes EPS 38c P/E 60.81 times earnings 38c*60.81= 23.10 EPS 15c P/E 10 times earnings 15c*10= 1.5

What are earnings valuations?

These are measurements of the total "value" of a publicly-traded corporation. Investors need a way to judge how much a company's stock is worth. To evaluate this, analysts have come up with various earnings valuation models. Earnings are net profits, i.e. what's left over after expenses. Investors often want to know the earnings per share (EPS). They also want to calculate the price/earnings (P/E) ratio, i.e. the stock price divided by the earnings. This is the most common earnings valuation model.

Which internet service providers charge reasonable and affordable fees for business internet service?

The best way to figure that out is to contact your local internet providers. Once you contact them, ask about the prices for business internet service and find the most reasonable price that fits you.

How can you incorporate your business online?

There are many companies including Intuit web-based software that help incorporate your business. The price for this service can actually be as low as $79.

What is a good site to get your business phone system from?

I would recommend At&t's small business deal. I would also recommend Comcast's Business class phone service, Depending on the price range that you are looking for. At&t is more expensive, starting at 70$, but covers much broader service regions. Comcast is a meer 25$ price range, however it covers a much smaller scale service, and does not include internet.

What is it called when the government sets a price floor on earnings?

Minimum wage.

Can I subscribe to small business internet service through Comcast?

Comcast does offer Business Class internet services at a competitive price. The reliability is exceptional and the customer service is very knowledgeable. Due to sporadic service levels with AT&T, Comcast is clearly a better choice.

What is the Price and Earnings ratio when a company has an Earnings Per Share of 2.00 and a cash flow per share of 3.00 and a price and cash flow ratio of 8.0?

A company has an EPS of $2.00 Cash flow per share of $3.00 Price/cash flow ratio of 8.0x What is its P/E ratio? Price Per Earnings Ratio = Market Value Per Share / Earnings Per Share (EPS) 8.0 x 3.00 = 24 24/2 P/E = 12X