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to make/keep you fit

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Q: What is the ultimate goals of physical education?
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What is physical education goals and function of physical education?

you are a buffaleo

What were the ultimate goals of the Cairo Conference?

reduce the spread of STD's protection f the environment. education for women and girls.

One of the goals of the PTA is to provide students with what?

the best possible mental and physical education

What is the History of Physical Education in primitive period?

In ancient civilizations, physical education was important in training young men for war. In Sparta, both boys and girls were taught physical education.

What has the author Betty Webber Abercrombie written?

Betty Webber Abercrombie has written: 'A philosophical delineation of the contributions of physical education toward attaining the behavioral goals of general education' -- subject(s): Education, Philosophy, Aims and objectives, Physical education and training

What has the author Valerie J Ruszovan written?

Valerie J Ruszovan has written: 'Relationship between program goals and attitudes of instructors and students in general college physical education' -- subject(s): Aims and objectives, Education, Physical education and training, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Physical education and training

Is Florida State University a good school?

FSU has a great reputation but it really depends upon your major, what you are looking for from your college education and what your ultimate goals are...

What are the goals and aims of education?

the aim of physical education are the following:to develop the sport skilsl of an individualto make them physically fitto make students a sports enthausiast

What is education for physical?

Physical Education

The role of general education in physical education?

role of physical education in genral education

What is the difference between physical education and adapted physical education?

adapted physical education is in reference to physical education with special needs children

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