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to store bee hives.....


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a bee hive :) and the hive of sexy milkshakes

There is only one bee colony in a bee hive.

how is a bee hive like a cell

Honey bees raise their young and produce honey in a bee hive.

You don't destroy a bumble bee hive!

a bee hive looks big in cartoons, but small in real life. a bee hive is very small, and has hexagons in, or out of it.

I went to check out the bee hive last night, there was no honey.

A bee lives in a bee hive...

Do you mean the bee hive? 1. I went down to plant flowers when I saw a bee hive.

A bee hive is "une ruche" (feminine) in French.

A bee hive isn't hexagonal. The cells that bees make from wax inside a bee hive are hexagonal and the bees use these cells to raise young bees and to store honey and pollen.

A queen bee is the only egg-laying member in a hive of bees.

The Bee-Hive - journal - ended in 1878.

The Bee-Hive - journal - was created in 1861.

The home of a bee is called - a Bee-hive

In a bee hive, the worker bees are the ones who collect the pollen, but the queen bee has the babies and nurses and takes care of them.

A bee lives in a hive.

You feed your buzzelgum a buttercup and a small honey picture will be above the buzzelgums head you drag him to the bee hive and the buzzelgum will produce the honey,the honey will fly out of the hive and it will sell for about 150 chocolate coins.

None, hopefully. Wasps in a bee hive can only mean trouble.

Disturbing a bee hive will anger the bees. This will cause the bees to swarm and begin to attack you.

A bee hive in a house is not a good or bad omen. Bees in a home can be a good omen, in some cases. If there is a bee hive in a house, it should be removed.

Yes they do... that's why when you kick a bee hive jillions of bees come out and harass you. Beehives are gross. Just person: NO! Monkeys live in a BEE hive and bees live in candle sticks.No seriously, BEE hive = BEES. See the connection?

The wax moth lives and breeds in a bee hive and as its name suggests, eats the wax in the hive leaving it looking unsightly.

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