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medicine droppers are used for giving medicine to infants. medicine droppers are used for giving medicine to infants. or any paerson that can't drink medicine from a spoon. or any paerson that can't drink medicine from a spoon.

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What is the use of medicine dropper?

the use of medicine dropper is to measure the amount of any liquid, (especially LIQUID medicines)..

When to use medicine dropper?

if a baby has a sick

Medicine dropper uses?

You can use it for chemistry or actually for liquid medicine.

What is the function of medicine dropper?

medicine dropper is used by babies for they medicine to be taken

When can you use a dropper?

to give medicine and to mesure liquid

Use of medicine dropper?

use to transfer small amount of liquids

How many ml does a medicine dropper hold?

FYI : 1 ml = 1 cc If you have a 15cc medicine dropper, it is a 15ml medicine dropper.

Why does a liquid rise in a medicine dropper when you release the bulb?

why does liquid rise in medicine dropper when we release the bulb of the dropper

What is the use of a medicine dropper in chemistry?

Is used to drop medicines

Uses of medicine dropper?

use to drop into a vitamin in baaby

What is use of medicine dropper?

A medicine dropper is used to measure out very small amounts of medicine. Common uses for a dropped are dispensing eye drops and measuring out medication for children and small pets.

Amount of water in a medicine dropper?

The amount of water in a medicine dropper depends on the size of the dropper and how full it is. Typically a medicine dropper will hole one-half to one milliliter. The dropper should have markings on it so that you can measure a specific amount within that range.

What is a medicine dropper used for in science?

A medicine dropper is used to transfer small amounts of liquid.

How do you use the dropper?

Step 1 Hold the dropper in a vertical position, and check to see if the dropper starts out empty. If the dropper was packaged separately, you may need to gently rinse it out a bit before use. If it was in the medication, be sure to squeeze any excess out of the dropper and into the bottle of medicine. Step 2 Gently squeeze the rubber end of the dropper, using your thumb and forefinger. This will squeeze excess air out of the dropper and prepare the dropper to suck up the medicine. Step 3 Place the dropper into the bottle. Stop squeezing the rubber end, but continue to fold onto the dropper. Lift the dropper up enough to see how much medicine is in your dropper. Step 4 Gently squeeze the rubber end until the medicine is leveled with the measurement you need. Step 5 Let go of the rubber end. This will cause an air bubble to pop up and look like the medicine is off measurement, but you have the correct amount in the dropper.

What is a function of medicine dropper?

The purpose of a medicine dropper is primarily to measure dosage amount. It also has the advantage of being easier to use than other ways of administering medication.

Use of medicine dropper in laboratory?

used to transfer small ammounts of liquid

What is a medicine eye dropper?

An eye dropper is a small tube with a flexible bulb on one end and a narrow opening on the other that is used to measure drops of a liquid. A medicine eye dropper is an ordinary eye dropper, just used to dispense medicine.

Medicine dropper function?

medicine dropper is used to have the exact measurement of a chemical or substance and also for security purposes. :]

What is the of a medicine dropper in the laboratory?

to drop medicine Ü

What is the capacity of a medicine dropper?

For medicine

When was the medicine dropper invented?

The first patent for a medicine dropper was issued in 1915. It was invented by Frederick C. La Grange.

Who invented the dropper?

The medicine dropper was invented by Frederick C La Grange. He invented the dropper in the year of 1915.

What are the uses of medicine dropper?

it is used for babies to drink medicine.

What are uses of medicine dropper?

for drope

How does medicine enter in dropper?

Well as you press the top of the dropper you create a vacuum that forces the medicine (on the outside of the dropper therefore in at a higher pressure than inside the dropper when releasing the rubber) to enter through the hole at the bottom of the apparatus