World War 2
Tanks (vehicle)

What is the use of cv 333 armored tanks in world war 2?

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If they used armored tanks what kind did they use?

All tanks are armored; if they weren't armored they would be called self propelled guns (because they have a cannon mounted on them). It they were armored, but didn't have a gun (cannon) it would be called an armored personnel carrier. Therefore, since it's got armor & a gun, it's called a tank.

How do you use exigency in a sentence?

The exigency of the military campaign required armored tanks to succeed

What was the battle of long tan about?

First impressive use of the Australian 1st Armored Regiments Centurion tanks in battle.

Did Germany use tanks in World War I?

Yes Germany did use tanks during world war 1, they use tanks alone with airplanes, gas masks, and submarines

Why didn't the Britain use tanks during World War 2?

They DID use tanks.

What kind of transportation did soldiers use during the Vietnam war?

Armor crewmen rode their tanks. Armored Cavalrymen rode their M551 Sheridan tanks and M113 APC/ACAV (Armored Personnel Carriers/Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicles); Riverine sailors rode in their Monitors, Alpha Boats, PBRs, and Swift Boats; and everyone else rode in helicopters.

Why do you still use army tanks?

Militaries still use tanks for artillery from the guns or newer tanks with rockets, infantry support, they can easily maneuver and are able to smash through structures, and can break through infantry lines because of the infantry's lack of being able to take out an armored vehicle.

What weapons did the Australians use in desert warfare?

Pistols,rifles,bayonets,light and heavy machine guns,tanks,armored cars, and airplanes.

How many tanks did the US use in World War 2?

The Americans used 183,396 tanks, nearly half of this was Sherman tanks.

What battle did they first use tanks?

Tanks were introduced during the First World War at the Battle of the Somme.

Did they use tanks in World war 2?

Yes alot.

Who pioneered the use of tanks in the world war 1?


Are tanks for world war 1 still in use?

No, They Are In Museums

Did they use tanks or airplanes in World War 2?


What were the advantages of tanks in world war 2?

Tanks were able to move farther and faster than soldiers walking. Also, tank had weapons capabilities two machine guns, along with a .75mm gun,which was used for accuracy and long range. Tanks also had a psychological effect on personal because tanks were armored plated,small arms fire did little effect on them., tanks also had a choice of shells to use on targets, disciplinary high explosive, smoke,etc... Tanks were just a part of the military organization to provide support to the infantry.

Were there tanks in World War 2?

Yes, the first use was about twenty years earlier in WW1 tanks were used extensively

Did they have tanks in World War I?

Yes, Great Britain has the first to use them.

How did the french use psychological warfare in World War 1?


What type of weapons did the Germans use in world war2?

guns, tanks

How many tanks did Stalin use in World War 2?


Why are tanks important?

They are important for several reasons:They protect soldiers from small arms (gun) fireThey are highly mobile fire platformsThey carry a variety of weapons to take down soldiers, aircraft, and/or other tanksArmored vehicles can be modified for a variety of purposes, such as transporting wounded soldiersArmies will use different tanks in different situations, or use none at all if they would not operate well. However, armies favor the use of tanks, which can be used in most situations.

Do they still use tank destroyers in the army?

The Army still uses armored cars and light tanks similar to tank destroyers, but not the same kind of tank destroyers as they did in WWII.

What was the first countries to use tanks in World War 1?

Great Britain

How were World War 1 and WW2 tanks used in war?

WW1: Tanks had one main purpose; to spearhead attacks on the enemy line so that friendly forces could pour through the breach. No proper anti-tank weapons existed in WW1, so they were almost invulnerable to enemy fire as they crossed trenches and wiped out enemy defenses. Unfortunately, the mobility of WW1 tanks was somewhat poor. They were slow, short on range, and constantly breaking down. WW2: Tanks were used for the above-mentioned purpose but also in other ways. There were airborne tanks for paratroopers, amphibious tanks for marines, light tanks for various light armored duties, heavy tanks for assault, etc. In the early years of the war some countries tried to use light tanks as a substitute for cavalry, and in this role they failed miserably, as the enemy could hear them coming and be waiting to butcher them with anti-tank weapons. Armored cars proved much better for this purpose.

Did Japan use tanks in World War 2?

Yes, Japan had many different tanks in WW II. See the related link below.

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