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It has to do with the memory model you are using... If you are using the LARGE or HUGE memory model, then you use HUGE memory pointers. == Huge pointers are like far pointers, just more so: they are always normalized (ie offset part is between 0 and 15), and segment wrapping-around do not occur if you use them.

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Q: What is the use of huge pointer in C?
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How you declare a Pointer variable in C?

Use the pointer operator (*) immediately after the type.

What pointer type will you use to implement a heterogeneous linked list in c?

void pointer

What is the use of pointer in c?

Accessing data by address.

Which pointer do you use to resize a chart?

is C or D

Which pointer do you use to resize a chart on excel?


How many pointers can be used in a c program?

Answergenerally we use simple pointer, void pointer,null pointer, structure pointer. Answerzero or more (unlimited).

What are the applications of double pointer in c?

insert or delete values both use double pointer

What is huge pointer generic pointer and far pointer?

Far Pointer is a pointer that is stored using four bytes (32 bits). The bytes are stored little endian or low to high order. A far pointer can access objects up to 16K in size in any memory area. Objects larger than 16K must be accessed using huge pointers This book is basic for c , download and Read this... must required !

When would you use a pointer and a reference variable?

pointer: to access data by address reference: there is no reference in C language

What does it mean by huge pointer is normalize give detail about far pointer huge pointer?

On far pointers the comparison operators(== and !=) check the 32 bit value. While >, =,

What is the use of null pointer?

Pointer is a variable that stores address of a variable . A NULL Pointer a pointer that doesn't point to anything, it is a literal zero .Some people ,notably C++ programmers, prefer to use 0 rather than NULL.

What are different type of pointers?

Pointer is a variable that is used to store the memory address of another variable. There are differenr types of pointers: NULL pointer THIS pointer VOID pointer NEAR pointer HUGE pointer FAR pointer WILD pointer

What is pointer to function in c?

Pointer in C is Memory Reference. It stores memory address of any variable, constant, function or something you later use in your programming. Pointer basically used to ease the referencing of variables and others or in polymorphism and inheritance.

Is Far pointer necessary to create a circular linked list?

It has to be a pointer all right.Regarding 'far' and 'near': forget it, simply use 'Large' data modell (or 'Huge').

What is the type of pointer in c lang?

A pointer in C is a pointer. Examples: int *intptr; char *charptr; int (*funptr)(int, char **);

What is pointer and use of pointer?

A pointer looks a bit like a stick. I use it to point at something. Read your text book, read C tutorials on the web and if you still cannot answer the question consider floor sweeping or basket weaving as a vocation.

What disadvantages of using pointers in c plus plus language?

There are no disadvantages of using pointers in C or C++. There are only poor programmers that write code that incorrectly uses pointers.Its like anything else. You need to consider the meaning and use of a pointer, and only use it in its correct context and initialization.It is true that pointers are a sensitive area, causing problems for many programmers, but the rules are the rules, and if you follow them you can write stable code using pointers.Never use a pointer without initializing it by a call to an allocator.Never use a pointer without checking to see if its initialization failed.Never use a pointer beyond the bounds of its allocation.Always deallocate a pointer after its use has ended.Never use a pointer after it has been deallocated.

Pointer in c?

A Pointer is a Variable that holds a memory address, usually the location of another variable in memory. A pointer to pointer is known as double pointer.

What is a ponters in c-programming?

with the help of pointers we able to store the memory location of any variable. In c the pointer variable is use to store the memory location of any variable. The pointer variable is define as a simple variable but in pointer variable use a special "*" character at the left most side of name of pointer variable. If any variable name have * it means it is a pointer variable it hold the memory location of variable.

What is generic pointer in C?

When a variable is declared as being a pointer to type void it is known as a generic pointer. Since you cannot have a variable of type void, the pointer will not point to any data and therefore cannot be dereferenced. It is still a pointer though, to use it you just have to cast it to another kind of pointer first. Hence the term Generic pointer.

What is Dazzling Pointer in c plus plus?

The pointer that points to a block of memory that does not exist is called a dazzling pointer or wild pointer

What are near and far pointer in c?

Far and near pointer is only introduced in turbo C compiler.When the pointer refers to an address in the same segment it is called near pointer, but when it refers to an address in another segment it is called far pointer.

How can you offset a pointer in C?

Increment or decrement the pointer by the required offset.

What is pointer to a member in objective c?

It is a pointer that points to a member of a structure.

What is called pointers-c plus plus?

A pointer in C++ is the same as a pointer in C -- it is a variable that is used to store a memory address and which allows indirect access to that memory address. When a pointer is not in use, it must be zeroed or nullified by assigning the NULL value, thus preventing indirect access to invalid memory.