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If you're talking about setting up a printer on the computer then the use for that is to connect the printer to your computer so you are able to print. The computer will send "test" pages to print on your printer so you will know whether it works or not.


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You will want to use a print release station set up so that only your supervisor can release the print jobs. This is best set up on a dedicated computer located near the printer.

Set up your multi-function printer to send faxes. Use the printer's control panel to enter your station ID. Insert documents you want to fax.

You don't print on a computer. You need a printer to print. If your computer is hooked up to a printer, go to file and select print.

Spam filters are not set up 'on a computer' they are set up on a mailbox or mail server, which is an application that runs under an operating system on a computer.

Anything displayed on your computer screen can be printed in the same way, by clicking on the print icon, provided that your computer is connected to a printer and is set up for printing.

Twitter is set up on a computer. However, you can use it on mobile internet or download apps (i.e. on an iPhone, blackberry etc) to use it.

The area you have set up to print.

to do this you have to hook up your phone to the computer then print it off

The BASIC computer command that calls letters and numbers up on a screen is the print command.

The best way to set up a computer stations is to have it functional for you. Have what you need in and use frequently in arms reach. Storage also will help.

a computer that you dont have to set the internet up on but is already set up

If you bought a new camera, then it comes with a user guide manual for the installation and on how to set up to you computer.

Using DMA transfer to send print data to the computer may help speed up printing.

you purchase a printer and set it up

No, it can only be used with one computer.

Press Alt-F4 when viewing this page. This will bring up the print properties.

It's how to set up, or make, your computer personalized. Backgrounds, colors, all decided here.

Most computers have typing software. Newspaper reporters use this to type up the news and print it out.

There are many ways one can set up remove computer access. For example, one can download a software known as Team Viewer on the computer one is using, and the computer one wants remote access on and use the remote access feature.

Yes, but you may need a computer to set up the router first. After the setup is complete, you can use the XBox360 without the computer.

It is nice to have a room you can use for your computer where there is little traffic and out of the way. The corner of a room is a good place to set up your computer.

Absolutely you can use a joystick on your computer. Most joysticks connect via USB, so getting it set up takes nearly no effort at all.

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How you set up a computer varies depending on the type of computer. A laptop does not require the same steps as a desk top. You use the monitor cable to connect the monitor to the computer case, or tower. Plug in the cords for the keyboard and mouse. Plug the power supply cords into a surge protector.

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