What is the use of wire gauze?

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because it is used in heating an chemical.

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What is the use of a wire gauze in a laboratory?

when using glassware, put a wire gauze on top of the tripod. the wire gauze spreads the heat so glassware does not crake :)

Why use wire gauze when heating a beaker?

The wire gauze allow a more uniform heating of the beaker.

Why do you have to use wire gauze in heating beaker?

The reason you use wire gauze when heating a beaker is so that the heating is more uniform throughout the beaker.

What paper is used in a wire gauze?

asbestos is used in wire gauze.

Is it important to use wire gauze?

This depends on your specific application !

How do you handle Wire Gauze?

When the wire gauze is at room temperature, you can handle it with your hands. Once the wire gauze has been heated (say, by supporting a crucible over a Bunsen burner on a ring stand), you would need to use a set of tongs to handle the wire gauze (and the crucible and the ring of the ring stand if it needed to be dismantled immediately).

Why is it that an ice that is wrap in wire gauze does not melt when heated in a beaker of water?

Since the wire gauze is a good conductor of heat, all the heat is sttracted to the wire gauze

What is wire gauze for?

Wire gauze is a placed on the upper part of a tripod to help the uniform heating.

What uses of wire gauze?

A wire gauze is placed under a Bunsen burner, on a tripod; wire gauzes can be used sometimes for filtering.

How do you use wire gauze?

On a bunsen burner tripod. It is for the beaker or other container.

Will using a wire gauze heat up a glass flask faster than without wire gauze?

Yes it will because the heat is spread to all parts of the gauze and the flask is heated uniformly. This happens because wire gauze is a conductor of heat.

Why does the wire gauze not burn under heat?

Actually wire gauze will burn when heated. I think you may instead be asking "Why will a flame not propagate beyond a wire mesh." But the answer to your question is: "A wire gauze WILL burn under appropriate heat."

What is wire gauze made of?


What is a wire gauze in laboratory?

The use of a wire gauze in an experiment is to place under the container holding the liquid,that is being heated by the Bunsen burner, so that the container doesn't have direct conact with the flame.

What is a wire mesh with gauze and how is it used?

what is a wire mesh/wgauze

How is a wire gauze square used?

Generally it is used with a ring stand and a ring. The wire gauze is placed on the rind, a beaker or flask is placed on the gauze, and heat is applied by a Bunsen burner.

Uses of wire gauze?

it prevents the heat of the apparatus directly. the circle thing on the wire gauze ensures that the heat is spread everywhere

What is a wire gauze used for?

Most likely the reason you use wire guaze js when you are heating a beaker whitch is what most scientist or science teachers may use.The use of wire gauze can be found in appliances, plumbing products and air filters, just to name a few. It is used to support a container during heating. The wire gauze helps to spread the flame out evenly. It is also used to filter liquids and solids. Some metals used include aluminum, copper, iron and platinum.Wire gauze has another interesting property: it serves as a flame arrestor. If the gauze is fine enough, flames don't travel through it. This is used as a safety feature in many objects. A wire gauze on top of a gas burner ensures that the flame stays out of the burner itself.The only use i can think of is when you put it on a tripod over a Bunsen burner to hold up a beaker in a science experiment.

What does a wire gauze look like?


Uses and description of wire gauze?


What types of asbestos found in wire gauze?

The asbestos in the wire gauze i think is a soft type of asbestos coz` some of the asbestos is very thick

Description of wire gauze?

It is sort of like a fabric, just made of wire.

What is the function of a wire gauze?

When wire gauze is used in chemistry, it creates a precise, even heat dispersal. The wire gauze is centered on a ring stand, which allows an open flame to be in contact with it to a certain extent, depending on the desired heat. When an object is placed over wire gauze, it receives a more uniform heat, which is essential for the successful maintenance of the chemical process. Because wire gauze is able to achieve this, it can also be used as a cooling surface for beakers, Erlenmeyers flasks or other vessels without damaging the supporting surface.

Why do you use wire gauze when heating the beaker but a triangle when heating an evaporating dish?

the base of an evaporating dish is rounded and will not be stable when placed on a gauze, hence a triangle (tripod) to hold its base better . Also, when you heat the beaker, you put the wire gauze above the triangle(tripod) and the triangle(tripod) above the Bunsen burner.

What are the uses of tripod?

Is used to support the wire gauze.