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Q: What is the used as a thermal insulator?
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What can a thermal insulator not do?

A thermal insulator is totally incapable of answering this question

How is a paper book used as a insulator?

A 'dry' paper book can be used as an insulator, either against electricity or thermal connectivity.

Is air an insulator of electricity?

Is air a thermal insulator or thermal conductor? Read more:Is_air_a_thermal_insulator_or_thermal_conductor

A material that conducts thermal energy poorly?

A material that doesn't conduct heat well is called an insulator.

What term is used for something that does not transfer thermal energy efficiently?


Is a glass a thermal insulator?

insulator. it is not a very good insulator though.

An example of a insulator?

An insulator has several different meanings. The two most common are an electrical insulator and a thermal insulator. an electrical insulator would be polyethylene. a thermal insulator would be wool.

Is glass a thermal condutor or insulator?

insulator. it is not a very good insulator though.

Is plasticine a conductor or insulator?

Plastic is an electrical and thermal insulator.

What is perlite used in?

Hi there, Perlite is used as an insulator on board Liquefied Natural Gas Tankers. This is used as a thermal and fireproofing insulator to reduce the risk of fire and explosion

Is a fridge a thermal insulator?


What is a very good thermal insulator? the best insulator