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jfk kennedy coin July 1963 half dollar is priceless


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The 1961 1963 John F Kennedy Gold coin has a value of a few dollars. This coin commemorates the assassination of JFK.

Please check your coin again. It's either not 1961, not JFK, or not a dollar. > In 1961 Kennedy was (a) very much alive and (b) had just taken office so his image couldn't legally be on a coin. > The US didn't make any $1 coins from 1936 to 1970 inclusive. > Half dollars carried a picture of Benjamin Franklin from 1948 to 1963. > JFK's picture was put on the half in 1964 following the assassination in November 1963.

Kennedy is on the US half dollar (50 cent) coin and Lincoln is on the penny (1 cent) coin.

JFK wasn't on the half dollar until 1964. If you have a double-headed coin with two different dates, it means someone cut up two coins and fastened them back together to make a trick coin.

what is the value of a 1963 una peseta coin? please emile me at

The Kennedy counter stamp was not done by the U.S. Mint. It's a novelty coin that has no collectible value at all.

It is of no monetary value like the quarter, He has a bio coin

It's a common date coin still in circulation. The coin is face value.

All Kennedy halves were minted in the US. Your coin has been altered outside of the mint and has no additional value.

That depends on the denomination of coin in question.

JFK half dollars were first issued in 1964. And 1963 is the last year for Franklin half dollars, plus the US Mint has never issued a gold JFK coin of any type. If the coin is a counter stamped, gold plated Kennedy half dollar it's only 50 cents.

Please check your coin again. It's either not 1952 or not JFK. Kennedy was a junior senator in 1952 and very much alive so he couldn't legally be depicted on a coin. Benjamin Franklin's image was on the half dollar from 1948 to 1963.

A South African 1963 50-cent coin is worth about $15. Its value is based on its condition. The better it is, the more it can command.

The value of any coin is determined, in part, by the date on the coin, the mint mark of the coin and the condition of the coin. These three bits of information are required to establish value.

Need to know if "sets" are Mint issue Proof or Uncirculated sets, please post new question.

The coin has no silver and is just face value, spend it.

Unless it is a proof coin or a very high-grade uncirculated coin, it's face value.

No such coin. Kennedy is only on the half dollars. Starting In 1971, the dollar coins are Eisenhower dollars. The coin is just face value.

There is no 1963 Australian 1 cent coin. Decimal currency was introduced in Australia in 1966.

The current average value of a 1961 Mint set is $58.00. Issue price was $2.40.

The coin is still in circulation and is face value.

The plating adds nothing to the value of the coin.

With the date of 1963 the coin is not a Wheat ear reverse, look at the coin again and post new question.

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