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It depends on what you have and the condition. The swf guide says about it Boba Fett - 2 Varriants on Same (Boba Fett) Action Figure $1,000.00.

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Q: What is the value of 'Star Wars' figures?
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What are Star Wars figures worth?

Star wars figures are worth about 5.00-10.00.

Will there be new Star Wars action figures?

Yes they come out with new star wars action figures.

star wars toys figures?

Star Wars toys figures are some of the most collectible toys on the market today. You can find deals on many Star Wars toys figures online; however, many of them are quite rare and expensive to find. Make sure that the Star Wars toys figures that you buy are authentic by getting them from credible, authorized sources. Star Wars toys figures still in their packaging are worth much more than Star Wars toys figures that are not. Any figures that you buy online should be checked, because the state of the package is also important in assessing the value of the piece.

Where can I buy Star Wars action figures?

The collection of Star Wars action figures is unmatched on the web. You will find Star Wars action figure collectible from Episode 1-3 and classic Star Wars from internet.

Are Star Wars figures a good gift for a boy?

Star Wars figures are a good gift for a boy. You could also give them the DVDs so that they can further enjoy Star Wars.

Can Star Wars figures be in water?


How many star wars fighter pods figures are there?

There are 48 figures

How do you get santa on Lego Star Wars Wii?

It is only possible to unlock Star Wars figures on the Lego Star Wars games.

Which is more better-Star Wars Legacy or Clone Wars action figures?

Definitely Star Wars Legacy

What is the rarest Lego Star Wars mini figures?

Probably star wars Jango Fett

How much are your loose vintage star wars figures worth?

Depends how old they are and what figures they are. Because they are loose and not in the original package, they will also have a low collectors value.

Where were Star Wars action figures invented?


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