What is the value of 1 US dollar in INR?

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62.72 Indian Rupee

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2013-11-23 23:26:11
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Q: What is the value of 1 US dollar in INR?
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What was the value of 1 US dollar to Indian rupee in 1980?

In 1980 1USD=7.8 INR

1 us dollar how much Indian ruppes?

The value keeps on changing daily. For simple calculating purposes, you may take 1 USD = 50 INR, which is the approximate value for 1 US dollar.

What is the value for one Australian Dollar to Indian currency?

1 Australian dollar (AUD) = 37.0464 Indian rupees (INR)

Convert 50 cents into Indian rupee?

As on 14th July, 1:20 pm(IST), the exchange rate for the US Dollar to INR is 74.64 Indian Rupee. That means that 1 US Dollar is 74.64 Indian Rupee. Therefore, 50 cents = 0.5 dollar. Since 1 USD = 74.64 INR, 0.5 USD(50 Cents) is (74.64/2) INR (74.64/2) INR is 37.31 INR Therefore Answer to the above question is:- 37.31 INR

What is the exchange rate for one Indian rupee?

1 US Dollar = 48 INR

USD Dollar value in India currency ruppes?

1 USD= 44.3150 INR (Rupees)

1 dollar is equal to how many Indian rupees?

1 Canadian Dollar = 43.55 INR 1 US Dollar = 46.81 INRINR is Indian Rupees

What is the cost of 1 US Dollar in Indian currency?

On 2/10/09,1 U.S. Dollar is equivellent to 47.61 INR.

Us 1 million equals to how much inr?

The current exchange rate for the Indian Rupee (as of 12/09/2009) is 46.57 rupees to 1 US Dollar. One million US$ would be 46,569,800 INR.

Should the value of 1 dollar in Indian currency be high or low to be good for India?

low value of $ in INR is good for india's economy

How many Indian rupees equal one US dollar?

As of 20th June 2009, $1 = 48.03 Indian Rupeesat the current rate of exchange 1 US dollar (USD) = 47.1099 Indian rupee (INR)One rupees is equal to .... 47.7133 US dollar as of May 25, 2010At the current rate of exchange, 1 US dollar (USD) = 47.1099 Indian rupee (INR).

How much is 1 dollar in INR?

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