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Gold-plated U.S. coins are only worth the value of the underlying circulation issue - in this case, $1. They're considered to be altered coins with no interest to numismatists.

The gold layer is only microns thick and it would cost more to remove and recover it than it's worth.

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25 cents each. Gold plating adds no value to the coin because they use so little gold. These are also considered altered coins and then they have no value.

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Q: What is the value of 24 kt gold plated statehood quarters?
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Are gold plated quarters legal tender?

If they're genuine U.S. quarters, then yes, they're legal tender at face value.

What is the value of the Gold and Silver Highlighted Statehood Quarters Collection and is it possible to replace a set?

The Gold and Silver Highlighted Statehood Quarters Collection is currently asking between $300 and $700 on eBay. If you are willing to pay that price, you could replace a set.

What is the value of a 1965 Gold Quarter?

The US Mint has never made any gold quarters, it's a novelty coin that's been plated and has no collectible value.

What is the value of a 1990 gold quarter?

The Mint does not strike gold quarters it's likely been plated and is only worth more than face value to someone who wants it.

What is the value of a 2002 gold US quarter?

The Mint has never made gold quarters. If you have a gold quarter then it has been plated which destroys the numismatic value of the coin. Its value is 25 cents plus the value of the little bit of gold they used to plate it. Some chemicals can cause the quarter to turn different colors. This also does not enhance the value of the coin.

2001 proof gold quarters worth?

The US has never minted gold quarters. A private company took genuine proof quarters and plated them with a thin layer of gold. Unfortunately that means they're altered coins and have lost any numismatic value they had as proofs.

What is the value of a fairly recent quarter if it is gold not silver?

Well, there were no gold quarters minted, but there are gold colored dollars that are very close to the same size. If you have one it may have been plated by someone like the Franklin Mint. As soon as the statehood quarters were issued, telemarketers started gold-plating them and selling them as something special. 3 cents worth of gold + a 25 cent coin = $3.95 or more. Someone tried to sell their "valueable collectible" and found out it is really only worth face value, so they spent it.

How much for quarter dollar gold coin?

The U.S. has never made gold quarters. It likely has been gold plated or just toned a gold color. Either way, it has no collectible value.

What is the value of gold bi-cenntenial quarter?

Bicentennial Dollars, Half Dollars and Quarters are very common and are novelty coins that have been gold plated. They are not a product of the US mint. And have little or no collectible value.

What is the value of a 2000 gold nickel?

Gold-plated but not gold. It's an ordinary nickel that someone plated for use in jewelry or as a novelty piece. The US never minted nickels (or dimes or quarters for that matter) out of gold - it's worth far too much to use in small-denomination coins.

What is the value of a 1974 Kennedy Gold half dollar?

It is only gold plated which adds no extra value. Since it is a gold plated coin it is considered altered and is worth face value.

Was there a 1928 gold plated penny?

If you have a gold plated 1928 penny, chances are it was gold plated not very long ago. During the current popular trend in coin collecting, individuals are trying different gimmicks to add value to old coins, like gold plating them. You can find gold plated examples of the quarters for the 50 states. To a purist, gold plating actually takes away from the value of the coin. Collectors like to see coins that are in mint condition, like they just came from the mint, looking brand new, untouched and unchanged.