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I have a colt 32 automatic hammerless pistol and i would like to know the value of it.

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A Colt .25 automatic with serial number OD44723 was made in 1972.

NO sn = no age. No descrption = 5-2000 USD

what is the value of a 1919 colt automatic hand gun

Made in 1949. Value depends on condition. Range from 200-4000 USD

No way to value with just the sn. Could be 10-1000 or more in USD

No way to value with just the sn. Could be 10-1000 USD

Colt automatic cal.22 long rifle match target serial #54565-S What year was it producted? current condition very good.

value depends on overall condition.................what does a 1919 colt 25 automatic look like

The serial number is needed to tell when it was produced. age depends on serial number, which you did not include. value depends on condition...... excellent condition, serial # 73034

model 1908 hammerless 25 cal with serial # 43778 would have been made about 1913...........................

value depends on age (serial number) and condition.......... serial OD67999 yes, excellnt condition, 5 digit serial number 73034

Don't know the value ,but a Colt 1908 hammerless .25 semi-automatic with that serial number was produced in 1921.

It tells the year of manufacture of a Colt.

A Colt 1908 hammerless .25 with that serial number was made in 1912

Impossible to answer without the serial number. You can also contact Colt

The Colt model 1911 commercial with that serial number was made in 1953

A Colt hammerless .25 with that serial number was made in 1925.

If it is a Colt 1908 hammerless .25 with that serial number, it was made in 1912.

Impossible to value with only the serial number.

If you are talking about the colt 1908 hammerless .25, it is about 91 years old having been made in 1918. Can't tell the value though,sorry.

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