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Each ingot is worth about $300. The whole set is 300 x 36.

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Q: What is the value of Danbury mint 5000 grain silver 36 presidential ingots set in original case?
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What is the value of hamilton mint presidential ingots?

"industrial revolution" silver ignots

What is the value of an 1974 hamilton mint world of flight silver collection?

Original cost was $717.50 for 50 1oz .999 fine silver ingots. Shipped in sets of 2 ingots. Entire set of 50 ingots included display sheets for ingots, a color picture of the plane, and a description and history of each plane bound in a book.

What are bars of gold and silver called?

Bars of gold are called gold bullion, and bars of silver are called silver bullion. These bars are typically made from pure metal and are used for investment purposes or as a store of value.

Franklin mint presidential silver ingots - mint set of 36 -1974?

Today, 25-Mar-2010, between $.42 and $.47 per gram.

What is the value of 1977 queens silver jubilee solid silver ingots full set in original box?

The ingots will have a 'scrap' silver value of approx £14 per Troy Ounce (31.1035 grammes). Weigh them all together and then you should get an accurate figure. Remember silver is at a 30-year high (October 2010)

What is the value of a Danbury Mint silver ingots President Set?

"take the price of silver per oz right now 32.35 is the high today, theres 36 ingots each weighing 5.7 ounces so thats a little over $6600 dollars in silver" I do not believe this is correct . . . First I know the bars are actually 5.2 ounces, but more importantly, 2500 grain means that these are not FINE silver. So these 5.2 oz bars are prob only about 85%-90% silver. THEN refineries would charge 15% - 20% to make fine silver bars.

How much does a brick of silver weigh?

A brick of silver typically weighs around 100 troy ounces, equivalent to approximately 6.25 pounds or 2.8 kilograms.

How many ounces of silver are in 100 1000 grain ingots?

I think you mean 1000 gram ingots, not grains. That would be 100,000 grams of silver, or 3,215.07 troy ounces (oz t) in silver mass. Silver, gold and precious metals are always weighed in Troy ounces, which are different from the ordinary ounce.

What is the Value of a Danbury Mint Medallic History of the Civil War and did they come in just silver or just gold plated silver?


How much is a 6 ounce each 1974 Danbury mint US silver ingot collection worth?

As with virtually all of these privately minted silver art bars, ingots, and rounds, there is basically no secondary resale market for them, other than for the silver they contain. So calculate the total Troy ounces they contain (rermember that Sterling is only 92.5% pure silver), and multiply that by the current spot price of silver, and you will have a close estimate of their current value. See the related links of a link to Kitco, where you can monitor current silver spot prices.

What is value of 1977 silver jubilee ingots?

From what I have seen because I have one too about £50 - £60

Where can you buy solid silver boxed coin or ingots or medallions sets at cost price? is a major buyer and seller of silver and gold bullion, dollar coins, bars and ingots. They do charge a small premium over daily spot market price.