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value of gerber baby picture with initials dks and marked c fremount canning co. 1931

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Who is the gerber baby logo?

The Gerber Baby was originally an unfinished sketch of Ann Turner Cook by Dorothy Hope Smith. It was chosen among the many entries in a contest conducted by the Fremont Canning Company in the year of 1928. Source: Wikipedia

Who founded Gerber foods?

Daniel Frank Gerber in 1927 in Fremont, Michigan. ~Wendy~

Baby food capital of the world?

Fremont or gerber

What is the first baby food produced by gerber company in 1928?

The Gerber Company initiated this revolution in infant feeding by expanding the scope of the canned foods industry. According to the Gerber company history, in 1927 Dorothy Gerber laboriously hand-strained vegetables for her seven-month-old daughter, Sally, and urged her husband, Daniel, to consider manufacturing stained baby food at the Gerber family's Fremont Canning Company. The next year, the company introduced strained peas, prunes, carrots, and spinach to the market.

What is the first baby food made by gerber?

The first baby foods made by Gerber were spinach, carrots, beef vegetable soup, strained peas, and prunes. The company was founded in Fremont, Michigan in 1927.

Female celebrity with initials RG?

A female celebrity with the initials RG is Rande Gerber. She is the daughter of model Cindy Crawford. Two others are Rebecca Gayheart and Raquel Gibson. Some male celebrities with the initials RG are Richard Gere, Ryan Gosling, and Rupert Grint.


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What company is gerber owned by?

The Gerber company is owned by Gerber Products Company/Nestlé Infant Nutrition

Is Brooke Shields the Gerber baby?

No. According to Gerber, Ann Turner Cook is the famous Gerber baby.

Who was the original Gerber baby?

The original Gerber baby was Ann Turner Cook. There was a rumor that the gerber baby was Humphrey Bogart was the Gerber baby but that was just a rumor. Ms Turner won a baby contest that put her picture on the label. Her father was a cartoonist who drew/"ballooned" "Wash Tubbs." His studio was on the second floor of his house, and he spent a great deal of time in it. She lived in Orlando, Florida, on Lake Lancaster, at least when she was in her late teens.

Where can I find printable Gerber coupons?

Individuals can find printable Gerber coupons on the Gerber website. People can also go to for available printable Gerber coupons.

What is the ticker symbol for Gerber?

GRB. But that is for Gerber Scientific, Inc.

When was Bruno Gerber born?

Bruno Gerber was born in 1964.

When was Pat Gerber born?

Pat Gerber was born in 1934.

When did Pat Gerber die?

Pat Gerber died in 2006.

When did Paul Gerber die?

Paul Gerber died in 1909.

When was Paul Gerber born?

Paul Gerber was born in 1854.

When was Rip Gerber born?

Rip Gerber was born in 1962.

When was Joel Gerber born?

Joel Gerber was born in 1940.

When was Bethany Gerber born?

Bethany Gerber was born in 1989.

When was Joseph Gerber born?

Joseph Gerber was born in 1924.

When did Joseph Gerber die?

Joseph Gerber died in 1996.

How would you capitalize Karen gerber?

It should be ---- Karen Gerber.

When was Katja Gerber born?

Katja Gerber was born in 1975.

When did David Gerber die?

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