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Miroku values vary widely based on what model and when the gun was produced. The Miroku factory has produced guns for Browning, Winchester, Remington, and Charles Daly to name a few. You need to give more specific information to get a better answer.

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Q: What is the value of Miroku shotguns?
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What is the value of a 12 gauge Miroku superimposed serial 303510?

The Miroku shotguns will typically bring 80% of the value of a Browning Citori in similar condition.

Is there any information on Stirling miroku shotgun 607583?

stirling miroku shotguns were manafactured by miroku for fuller firearms sydney Australia in the 1960s and 70s they were overlooked at the time but now are considered a good gun

Who manufactures Charles daly shotguns?

Charles Daly's current line of shotguns are manufactured by K.B.I. in Turkey: In the past, Charles Daly has sold shotguns manufactured by Miroku of Japan. But current production shotguns are Turkish.

Do miroku make browning shotguns?

Yes, they were the mfg plant that first made Brownings in Japan in 1976.

What model and how old please is Miroku shotgun serial number 735371?

Miroku was making shotguns for different firearms Companies before Browning came along. Charles Daly was one of their biggest customers for shotguns. More info is needed to determine which gun you have. This is not a Browning serial number.

What is the value of a miroku 22 derringer?

50-100 USD

What is the value of a BC miroku made in shinakara nangoku city kocho prof japan serial 554395?

The value of your miroku will depend on grade and contition would range from about 750 to 1200

How can you find model numbers for old miroku shotguns?

You will need to look in old gun catalogs, Blue Book of Gun Values, etc..

What is the value of a BC Miroku 12 gauge shotgun Sn 549996 or is this a Charles Daly Firearm?

I can't give you a clear answer if Miroku made the shotgun or not. However, may I offer a comment. Miroku has made shotguns for 150 years. From all I can gather, they are a high integrity organization and have made high quality guns for companies like Ithica, SKB,Weatherby,Charles Daly and Winchester. If you have a gun made by Miroku, I don't care what company has its name on it, you have a fine gun. Excellent design, fits and finishes. Durable and dependable. Sleek and good traditional looks. Good hunting.

Value of miroku 4 barrel pistol 22cal?

100-200 USD

What is the value of a Miroku shotgun?

The Miroku shot gun is valued at the same vulue as a Charles Daily. (Same Gun) O/U are from 450 to 600 depending on condition

What year was the Winchester model 42 high grade made in japan?

These high grade shotguns were made in Japan by Miroku in the year 1993.There were only 850 made.

Where can I find out about my Model 800 Charles Daly Miroku 12 ga over and under serial number S301025A What year was it made Is it a Superior grade?

The firm B.C. Miroku of Tokyo, Japan made the Charles Daly name of over and under shotguns from 1963 to 1976. Not a lot is known about this firearm, as retaining data apparently was not thought important when they were being sold. This shotgun has a value of around $700.

What is the value of a Miroku OU Trap shotgun 4800 12 bore?

1500 au

What is the value of 1996 Miroku MK70 grade 1 in V Good condition?


What is the value of a miroku model BC3000 12GA under and over shotgun?

The value of a Miroku model BC3000 12 gauge under and over shotgun would depend on a couple different factors. Most important of these factors would be the condition.

Did they make Charles daly overunder shotguns in 1976?

1976 is the last year for Miroku made Daly guns. From 1976 on the guns have been built in Spain,Italy and now Turkey.!976 is a year that you may find a Daly from Japan or Spain. Both good guns but I prefer the Miroku

What is the value of a bc miroku side by side shot gun model number 453915?


What is the value of a pair of perdy shotguns?

Perdy - never heard of that maker Purdy - you need the services of a professional appraiser who knows shotguns.

What is the value of a Miroku 20 ga model 500 shotgun?

Depending upon condition, $400 to $650

Are Charles Daly over-under shotguns a good buy?

Older Charles Daly o/u shotguns were mfg. by Miroku in Japan until the mid-70's, when Miroku began mfg. the Citori for Browning. These Charles Daly shotguns are one of the best bargains out there in a quality used o/u shotgun. They can be found for $500 to $700 for a good used 12 ga. with asking prices for higher grade guns in near new condition approaching $1,000. The later ones of Italian mfg. are more expensive, but are also solid guns. As for the Turkish Dalys, I have no experience with them.

What is the value of a savage 440 shotgun 12 ga? THEY ARE SELLING FOR $800.00

Miroku Liberty Chief?

Miroku is a firearms maker located in Japan

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'Miroku' is voiced by Dave Bridges .

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