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EDIT: It depends on the card, the condition, and the rarity.

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Q: What is the value of Pokemon trading cards?
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Where can you find the value of trading cards and comic books online for free?


How do you get Pokemon trading cards on your PC?

You can't

Where can you get Pokemon Platinum trading cards?


Where can you get printable Pokemon trading cards?

Pokemon card or

Where do you get Pokemon trading cards?

try e-bay :)

How can you sell your Pokemon trading cards?

go on eBay

How much should you spend on Pokemon trading cards cards?

Only you can decide this.

Where can one purchase Pokemon trading cards?

There are many places where one one can purchase Pokemon trading cads. One can purchase Pokemon trading cards at popular on the web sources such as EBay and Toys R Us.

Why aren't Pokemon trading cards popular?

Pokemon trading cards are actually popular. If you don't think so, you might happen to live in neighborhood where not many people know about Pokemon.

Where can one buy the Pokemon game trading cards?

Pokemon trading cards can be bought at any major department store. There are also numerous websites that will sell specific Pokemon cards if one isn't interested in gambling.

What is the value of charlies angels trading cards?

I purchased some Charlies Angels Trading cards at a garage sale and was curious if they had any value? I have 32 of them from 1977..

How much are Milton bradley topps trading cards value very good condition?

Milton bradley topps baseball 1968 trading cards value

Who has Giratina level X on Pokemon trading cards?

My Brother!!!

What is the Pk cards trading card game?

pokemon trading card game is with cards you get them in decks and tins and packs and you use pokemon cards to battle you can do it at or you can buy cards and binders to hold your cards in but in packs you get codes codes are when you unlock stuff for free

What is Pokemon TCBM?

Pokémon trading cards by mail.

Does anyone have Pokemon Diamond and Pearl trading cards to give away?


What were popular toys in 1999?

Most popular were pokemon and trading cards.

What are the Pokemon codes for the Online Trading Card Game?

you get them wwhen you buy pokemon cards boxes

Can I trade pokemon cards on

You cannot perform personal trading, buying or selling on Answers. The site is designing to provide information, not commerce.There are several websites that specialize in trading Pokemon and their cards.

Where can you find the value of CMA Country Gold trading cards?

Who would want to buy Pokemon trading cards?

i would even though i have 194 cards already

Will Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards work on a 3DS?

Trading cards will not work in 3DS console.

What is the value of Star Trek trading cards?

The value of Star Trek trading cards is dependent upon factors such as the year of manufacture, the series, condition and demand for such cards. Cards could be valued at as little as $1 for one card to about $100 for an entire collection.

What is the value of holographic Pokemon cards?


How many Pokemon cards can you have in apokemon card deck?

You can have sixty cards in Pokemon trading card game deck. A good balance would be -20 Pokemon cards, 25 Energy cards, and fifteen trainers and supporters.