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The Singapore dollar is worth 33 Indian rupees.

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Q: What is the value of Singapore dollar today?
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What is Singapore dollar value?

20 reupes

What is the value in Philippine peso for one Singapore dollar now in the Philippines?

As of November 13, 2008, one Singapore dollar is equivalent to Php 32.69.

What is the value of one Singapore dollar?

The current value of one Singapore Dollar is 0.80 US Dollars. Currency exchange rates are under constant fluctuation, so this can change from day to day.

The value of a dollar in 1907?

the value of a dollar was equal to 98 dollars today

50 cents of Singapore dollar into Indian rupees?

These days the value of the Singapore dollar is hovering around Rs. 34 per dollar. 50 cents is equal to ½ dollar or half dollar. So 50 cents can be said as equal to be Rs. 17 in Indian terms. Of course this number would keep change as the value of the Singapore dollar changes.

What was the value of a dollar in 1895?

One dollar, the same as today

What is the name of Singapore's money?

Singapore currency is called Dollars or Singapore Dollars. They are not U.S. dollars and the exchange rate today is .81 U.S. dollars per Singapore dollar.

What is the value of one dollar in 1987 and today?

The face value of one dollar is still one dollar, though the purchasing power of one dollar in 1987 was greater than it is today.

When was Singapore dollar created?

Singapore dollar was created in 1967.

What is the present value of Singapore dollar against Indian rupee?

What is the true value of the paper dollar today?

I would say a dollar...

What is the value of the us dollar today in the us?

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