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100-400 USD

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โˆ™ 2009-02-22 20:10:15
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Q: What is the value of Stevens Double Barrel 311a 12ga?
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What is the value of a 12Ga w parkhurst double barrel?

Wall Hangers

What is the value of a 1953 to 1955 Springfield J Stevens Arms Co 5100 double barrel shotgun?

Assuming 12ga, $150-$250.

Value of ranger 12ga double barrel shotgun?

50-150 USD

What is the value of a 12 gauge Stevens 311 H double barrel shotgun?

There's one for sale here in Canada -> STEVENS 311 12GA X 2-3/4" 2 BARREL FITTED SET, 20" IC/CYL, NRA GOOD $289 CDN

What is value of Washington arms double barrel 12ga twist finish belgium?

50-125 USD

What is age and value of a Stevens savage model 3110 double 12ga made in westfield mass?

50 years old

What is the age and value of Stevens double barrel shotgun serial H27574 with a goose on the side beside the name?

1970's. Assuming it is 12ga, value is going to be $175-$250. Smaller gauges bring more money.

What is the value of Hopkins and Allen 12ga and 16ga shotguns?

Single shots, $50-$75. Double barrel, $150-$250.

Can you tell Anything about a Hanover Arms 30 Double Barrel double hammer double trigger shotgun with Belgium Steel Barrels stamped across top of bridge and the number 4020 stamped in bottom of barrel?

Stevens 12ga. /mod dhead naught

Double barrel 12ga 2 and three-quarters Mfg Springfield?

Manufactured by Stevens Arms, 1931-1941. Montgomery Wards. Hercules was just their name for this model.

What is the Value of a 12ga Double Barrel Shotgun made by W. Richard marked W.F. for Wells Fargo?

suggest you contact: for shotgun history/value

Info on 12ga double barrel mfg by the meridan firearms coAJ Aubrey serial number 9192?

Made @ turn of the century + or -. 50-100 value

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