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What is the value of The Waverly Novels?


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What would be value of Ivanhoe, Illustrated Volume Nine, Peter Fenelon Collier &Son, mcm? Thanks


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Sir Walter Scott wrote both poems and novels. His most important work was considered his Waverly novels. These were published in 1814.

That is like asking the value of a house... It depends. Old does not always equate to value. The Waverly Novels usually refer to all of the works of Sir Walter Scott, the first of which was Waverly, or Tis Sixty Years Since. (1814). A large number of his following novels and works were merely attributed to "The Author of Waverly." Thus over the years his works became known simply as "The Waverly Novels." There have been a number of editions that have anywhere from six to thirty volumes in them. Some are leather bound and had a very small print run. There are some that were leather imitation with tens of thousands of copies made. There are even book club sets. Many many sets from the 1800's remain on the market today in remarkably good shape. I have seen 'complete sets' range from $30 to $12,000. Most of the older and rarer sets run in the $700 - $800 range. One thing to remember.... CONDITION IS EVERYTHING... Old and rare can be valuble, but in cruddy condition the value could be near zero. I have an "Abbottsford" edition with 12 voulumes from 1874 that is worth around $900 - $1000. Yet I have a 20 volume set (missing four books) and in pretty decent shape from 1872 that is worth around $180 dollars as it sits. Your best bet is to get a local appraiser to value them for you.

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