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The JC HIGGINS MODEL 583.13 was made by High Standard as its model 10. They have only shooter value (no collector interest). But be careful. Many of the Sears High Standard bolt action shotguns were recalled for safety considerations in the late 1990's. The Early models of this gun of wich 583 13 is part of was actually made by H&R (Harrington & Richardson ) for High Standard . Sears owned all of High Standards Rifle and shotgun production in thouse days . and had bought the rights to the old H&R gun on wich your gun was based as part of the Deal H&R made all of the early models for Sears /high Standard 583 1 to 583 13 the safety issue involves the bolt stop screw .just make sure that the screw is present and in good condition . This screw holds the bolt in the shotgun when cycleing the action between shot s If it is not present the bolt will come out when you open it and pull the bolt bac THis bolt has absolutely nothing to do with bolt lockup these guns have a very positive lockup and are quite strong sears will give a 50 buck gift certificate for the bolt on these guns However the bolt alone will easily fetch 60 to 100 bucks that what i pay for them However the 12 gauge guns are getting scarce Because of The sears recall and these guns are starting to go up in price 1 make sure that the bolt stop screw is in good shape and keep it it is going to increase in value cotrary to the recall these guns are very safe and very good shotguns it should bring at least 100 bucks or more and certainly worth more than 50 dollars of Sears Funny money remember 50 dollar Sears gift card is about equal to a 100 dollar Walmart gift card The Sears recall is as valid as a liberal gun byback

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Q: What is the value of a 12 gauge JC Higgins Model 583.13 bolt action shotgun?
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