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What is the value of a 12 gauge JC Higgins Model 583.16 bolt action in fair condition?


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Your gun was made by High standard for Sears who owned all of their shotgun prodution at that time your gun eas made in 1947 It has limited abough 50 to 100 dollars depending on who whants it and condition


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The JC Higgins 583.16 is a bolt-action 12ga shotgun made for Sears by High Standard in 1948/1949.

Boyds gunstocks has new ones available for 59.00

anyone want to buy the bolt to a jc higgins md#58316 (farmer charles)

Safety recall- unsafe to shoot. Sears will give you a $50 gift card for the bolt.

You can't. There is a safety recall on that model- unsafe to shoot. Sears has been buying back the bolts for years to take them out of circulation.

The JC Higgins Model 20 was a slide-action shotgun made for Sears by High Standard. Value, depending on condition, can range from $100-$225.

its a bolt action and they are worth about 150.00 or so in good condition

The JC Higgins 12 gauge pump action shotgun, model 20-1264 583.55 is valued at $175 in excellent condition. In fair condition, it is valued at $90.

JC Higgins RifleA JC Higgins model 85 in good to excellent condition with original box is worth about 100 dollars.

Please state the model and the condition of the revolver. Without that no estimate of value can be determined.

what is the value of the jc Higgins model 5834 today

The JC Higgins Model 20 was a slide-action shotgun, not a pistol. Is that the gun you have?

This is a model 11 bolt-action shotgun.

Numrich Gn Parts Crp. I believe it is a Marlin Model 81. I Have A JC Higgins Model #103.229 Bolt Action E Mail

The value of a JC Higgins 22 caliber rifle model 25 depends on its condition. This gun in excellent condition is valued between 100.00 and 165.00 as of 2014.

16 gauge - smaller selection of ammunition , Higgins - Sears tradename, Bolt -not a popular action. 3 strikes. Top value $125 if in nearly-new condition. More likely to bring $50-$75.

I have seen them go from $80.00 to $180.00 at most of the local gun shows. It

The value of the 410 Sears and Roebuck JC Higgins Model 101 shotgun varies greatly with its condition. In excellent condition the gun retails for about 250 dollars or so.

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