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Usually between $80 on the low end to $125. This is in the Southeast region

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Q: What is the value of a 12 gauge Stevens Model 77A?
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Production dates of the steven's model 77a 12 gauge pump?

Made by Savage Arms of Chicopee, Mass. 1953 tru 1971

What is the value of a Smith and Wesson Model 77A air rifle in average condition?

The Model 77a is a .22 cal swing arm pneumatic rifle. made between 1971-78. Bluebook of airguns list one in Average/good condition to be worth around $100 Plus or minus.

Where can you find diagrams and instructions for disassembly and cleaning of Stevens model 77A pump shotgun manufactured in Chicopee Falls? Go here for the diagram-research fee is $4,00 but worth it!!! Happy Hunting!

Looking for parts diagram for Stevens model 77A? PARTS LIST. FOR SCHEMATICS, SEE THE SITE AT NUMRICH - ABOVE Try

Cant get the barrel off my model 77a pump shot gun need help?

Take it to a gunsmith

Smith and Wesson model 77a air rifle?

It's a .22 cal swing arm pneumatic rifle. made between 1971-78. If you want to know the value, state the condition of the rifle.

How do you load a smith and Wesson model 77A?

Recommend you find a qualified firearms instructor or a gunsmith and ask for assistance.

Did smith and Wesson make a single shot pellet rifle in the 1970's?

Yes. The model 77A was made between 1971-78

Diagram for smith Wesson model 77a pellet rifle?

There is a very long story behind this question But here is the short version. S&W was purchased by Bangor Punta in 1965, with the help of a former Crosman Engineer the 77A was developed After several moves back and forth from Florida to Massachusetts Bangor decided to sell the Airgun division to Daisy Airgun in 1980 but had dropped the 77A model in 1978. I don't know of any diagrams for the 77A but it is a forerunner of the Daisy Power-line models. I would try to contact Daisy airgun to see if they "may" be able to help. See the related link at the bottom.

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prime because it ends with a 7

Is 77a composite number?

Yes because it has more than 2 factors

What is the value of a Smith Wesson 22 caliber pellet rifle model 77A?

These are currently selling between 60 and 225 dollars depending on condition, if it has the springfield address, box, manual, in perfect working order, etc. If you do a search on or (see the link below ) you will see some current and recently sold models with pictures to compare your to.

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77 is a composite number because it has at least one positive factor other than one or itself.

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What is the use of a savage super choke for the Stevens savage arms model 77A?

The Super choke is adjustable to allow the shooter the ability to shoot with an improved cylinder choke all the way to a full choke. A choke is a reduction in width of the barrel at the muzzle of the shotgun. This affects the rate at which the pellets spread after being fired. An improved cylinder choke is a slight adjustment so that the pellets will spread out like an ice cream cone shape while a full choke sends the pellets out with much less spread. This affects range and accuracy of the shot at various distances. The use is to be able to set the desired choke before taking a shot. A shotgun with a single choke setting cannot be adjusted by the user.

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