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The value of a 12 gauge Sears and Roebuck single shot bolt action model 14 will vary depending on the condition. If the gun is in good condition, it could be worth $150-$200 dollars.


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Nothing much. Single shot, 20 gauge, and "Sears and Roebuck" on it (it was probably made by Savage) all work against it having a high value. It may be worth $40-$50 to someone.

410 is not a gauge. 410ga

Depends on model and condition. Typically $100-$150.

It depends on the the number of barrels, year, model, condition and serial number.

It is a Stevens 940B. I have the schematic.

No age records, most likely a Mossberg shotgun, values $50-$75.

One of many types made by them

The value of a Sears Roebuck 12-gauge 101.100A shotgun is around $100. This depends on the the condition of the firearm.

A J.C. Higgins Sears Roebuck 16 gauge bolt action shotgun is valued at between $100 and $150 in good condition. A parts gun is worth $30.

The 12 gauge long tom 1900 shotgun by Sears and Roebuck is valued at $250 in excellent condition. In fair condition, it is valued at $80.

Single shot break action shotgun? If so, most likely a Springfield 947. Depending on condition, value is about $75. Well made, reliable shotgun- just not a very pricey one.

The value of a Sears Roebuck M-66 gauge automatic shotgun depends on its condition. This gun in excellent condition is valued between 120.00 and 180.00 as of 2014.

Should be a bolt action Savage/Stevens. Value around $100-$125 in excellent condition.

Manufactured by either Meriden Firearms for Sear Roebuck) , 1907-1915, or J Stevens Arms, 1920-??(probably about 1940).

I believe that your Sears shotgun is a Winchester model 37A shotgun that was made for Sears Roebuck And Co,.

Yes, it's a bolt-action 410 gauge shotgun.

The value of a Sears and Roebuck 12 gauge shotgun model number 281512651 depends on its condition. This gun in excellent condition is valued between 100.00 and 135.00 as of 2014.

I have a sears and roebuck bolt action 12gauge model 58 and numerich arms says the gun was manufactured in 1949

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