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You might want to check out and see if a similar gun comes up in the listings. That could give you a rough idea of what people are willing to pay. As with most things - it is worth what someone looking for one is willing to pay :-)

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Q: What is the value of a 16 gauge Ithaca double barrel F grade single trigger shotgun serial S439984 in 80 percent condition?
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What is the value of a Savage short barrel 12 gage single trigger shotgun?

The value of a Savage shot barrel 12 gauge single trigger shotgun depends on its condition. This gun in excellent condition is valued between 450.00 and 550.00 as of 2014.

What is a 12ga light twelve browning shotgun with gold trigger in excellent condition worth?

100-400 usd

Who made a side by side double barreled dual trigger shotgun marked the killer?

@ 100 USD depending on condition.

What is the price of a 1969 12 gauge Auto-5 gold trigger shotgun worth that is in mint condition?

500 USD

What is value of gold trigger browning collector shotgun serial?

100-10000 USD depending on exactly what you have, condition, etc..

What is the value of a 12 gauge browning gold trigger shotgun good condition 30068pm152?

Are we talking about a auto-5 shotgun,or a BPS(browning pump shotgun),or a over-under shotgun(citori, or superposed)These answers would help me determine the value of your shotgun which was made in 1980.

Which cycle begins by pulling the trigger of a shotgun rearward?

Depends on the shotgun.

What is the value of a Belgian made Browning Sweet Sixteen shotgun with gold trigger made around 1950 in excellent condition?

500 USD

How do you use a shotgun?

Pull the trigger

Does anybody know If there is a release trigger assembly for the Remington 870 shotgun?

The 870 Remington shotgun used to be a popular candidate for a "release" trigger.

Where is the safety on a 520 shotgun?

It is a lever inside the trigger guard, forward of the trigger.

What is the value of a browning twelve gauge Belgium made shotgun with gold trigger ribbed barrel three inch magnum made in 1970?

375-550 dollars, depending on overall condition of your shotgun.

How do you adjust the trigger pull of your western field shotgun?

The only way is to replace the whole trigger but it will still have a hair trigger

Fire by touch on shotgun free?

go to launch shotgun and grab the shotgun and pull it back and pull it forward then press the trigger

Where can you buy a trigger guard for a JC Higgins 101.7 shotgun?

Made by Savage/Stevens. We have trigger guards.

How much for a 1893 shotgun with a low serial number in good condition with a gold trigger?

Not enough information to answer. Value of ANY firearm is based on exact make, model, variety, and condition. You have given us none of those.

What is a Parker Hale 20 bore side by side double trigger 26 inch barrels Shotgun worth?

I purchased one, used, good-ex. condition $850.00

What is used price of Browning 12Ga Model B80 with gold trigger?

The model b-80 is valued at between 230-400 dollars depending on the overall condition of the shotgun.

What is a browning automatic light 12 ga with gold trigger worth?

A Browning automatic light 12 gauge shotgun with a gold trigger is worth between $300 and $1,000. The actual value varies greatly based on the specific model and its overall condition.

What is the value of an aya aguirre yaranzabal double trigger side by side shotgun serial 154871?

Depending on condition the gun is worth between $25 and $100 if it is shootable.If it is black powder and not in good condition it isn't worth much at all.

What happens if you cock a shotgun and don't pull the trigger?

The hammer will be in the cocked position. Nothing will happen until you pull the trigger.

How much is a marlin model 90 16 gauge over and under shotgun worth?

It depends on condition and the triggers. If in pristine condition and a single trigger, it could be worth $650-$750 dollars. If a double trigger model and in "just OK" shape $300-$350 would be more in line. Note: add 10% for a 16 gauge gun.

What is the value of a John M Smyth Co Faultless Goose Gun shotgun with bc545 stamped by the trigger guard?

The exact value of a John M Smyth Co Faultless Goose Gun shotgun would actually be dependent on a couple different factors. Some of these factors would include the age and condition of the shotgun.

What is the trigger pull on a tactical shotgun?

Depends on the how the requirments were written for the purchase.

What is the value of a Union Arms Co 12 ga pump shotgun in good condition?

These were pretty early slide action shotguns, made from 1902-1913. The early model (24) has a unique double-trigger arrangement where one trigger cocks the firing pin and the other trigger fires the gun. The later model (50, 1911-1913) has a traditional single trigger. Relatively few were made, and values can reach over $700 depending on exact model and condition. We'd be interested in seeing it.