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Less than 100 to over 500 USD depending on specifics.

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Q: What is the value of a 1923 Winchester 25-20?
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Price on model 1892 Winchester 2520 cal?

Value of a 1892 2520 winchester

What is the value of serial number 339775 2520 lever action Winchester?

Depending on condition but if the rifle is a model 92 the value is probably 300 to 1000 dollars.

Did Winchester make a model 1773 in 2520 caliber?


What year was a Winchester 1892 2520 serial 656176 made?


What year is my Winchester 2520 riffle the serial number is 841160?

You do not state which model of Winchester you have? If you have a Winchester model 1892,then your rifle was made in 1917.

What is the value of 1898 Winchester model 2520 caliber?

If we are talking about a Winchester model 1892?,then the value of your firearm is going for between 475 dollars for a gun with 10% original finish,all the way up to 1,900 dollars for a fine specimen with 80% original finish.

When did Boyd Winchester die?

Boyd Winchester died on 1923-05-18.

What is the value of a 2520 Winchester model 1892 with a 19 inch barrel serial number 364686?

Many of the rifles are valued in price close to $2500 each. The amount will vary depending upon their condition.

What is a Winchester model 53 2520 nickel steel worth?

50-500 USD or so depending on condition

What is a 2520 nickel plated Winchester rifle worth?

Almost nothing unless you can prove it left the factory with a nickel finish.

When was Winchester model 94-32 Winchester special serial number 926669 made?

your Winchester model 1894 was produced in 1923.

What is the value of 1923 32 WCF Winchester Model 92 takedown in 90 percent condition?

$250 and up, depending on condition,markings,and history of the gun.