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Between $10 - $20 unless the serial number ends with a star.

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What is the value of a 1929 Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Missouri 10.00 dollar bill?

In average condition it would be around $30 but in crisp condition it would be around $50.

How can you tell if the two dollar bill is from the Kansas district?

Bills from the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank will have the letter J and the number 10 on them.

What is the value of a 1929 20 dollar National Currency bill with a brown seal from Kansas City Mo?

The Kansas City designation would indicate your bill is most likely a Federal Reserve Note that was printed as part of the National Currency series. Please see the question "What is the value of a 1929 US 20 dollar Federal Reserve Note?" for more information.

Where are the 12 federal reserve banks located?

There are 12 Federal Reserve banks that are located throughout the US. They are located in the cities of Boston; New York City; Philadelphia; Chicago; San Francisco; Cleveland, Ohio; Richmond, Virginia; Atlanta, Georgia; St. Louis, Missouri; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Kansas City, Missouri; and Dallas, Texas.

How do you tell if a 1976 two dollar bill is from Kansas?

Check the letter in the Federal Reserve seal to the left of Jefferson's portrait. If it's a Kansas City bill, it will have the letter J. Likewise, the serial number (in green lettering) will also start with J.

What is the market price for a 1928 a twenty dollar silver certificate?

It's not a silver certificate, it's a Federal Reserve note. The last $20 silver certificates were printed in the 1890s. Your bill is worth $22.-$45.depending on how worn it is, unless the Federal Reserve bank is Kansas City. In that case the value is $45-$90.

Is Kansas City in Missouri?

Kansas City is in both Kansas and Missouri.

How did the Missouri-Kansas-Texas railroad influence Kansas?

How did the Missouri-Kansas-Texas influence Kansas?

Why is there a Kansas citie in Kansas and in Missouri?

Kansas City is in Kansas and Missouri because Kansas City is a rather large city; it is in Kansas but it crosses over the border and the larger part sits in Missouri, so it is considered a city in both Kansas and Missouri.

What are the Federal Reserve Districts?

For the purpose of carrying out these day-to-day operations of the Federal Reserve System, the nation has been divided into twelve Federal Reserve Districts, with Banks in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Richmond, Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas, and San Francisco.

Is there a Kansas City Missouri or Kansas City Kansas?

Both exist. The state border is the Missouri River, and Kansas City (Kansas) is a suburb of Kansas City (Missouri) just across the river.

How far is Kansas from Missouri?

Kansas and Missouri border one another.

Is Kansas City a small city?

Which Kansas City? Missouri or Kansas? Kansas City, Missouri has 476,000 residents as of 2009.

Who issues Federal Reserve notes?

Federal Reserve Notes are printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing at facilities in Washington and Fort Worth. Bills are distributed through the Federal Reserve banks in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Richmond, Atlanta, St. Louis, Cleveland, Chicago, Kansas City, Dallas, Minneapolis, and San Francisco.

What two states have cities name Kansas City?

To add on to Wiki User's answer, Kansas City, Kansas is located in Wyandotte county Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri is located in Jackson county Missouri. I know because I grew up on the Kansas side for most of my life.

How do you recognize a Kansas City district US 2 dollar bill?

If your bill is dated 1976 or later, the Federal Reserve District is indicated in several places on the bill:There will be a large J inside the bill's seal to the left of Jefferson's picture.The lettering around the seal will say "Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City"The number 10 will appear roughly in the 4 opposite corners of the "whitespace" area of the design.The serial number will start with a JIf the bill is older it wasn't distributed by the Federal Reserve, but instead is most likely a United States Note. These were issued directly by the Federal Government so they won't have any district indications.

Why are there two Kansas Cities?

Because one is in Kansas and the other is in Missouri, located at the junction of the Kansas and Missouri Rivers.

Is Kansas City in Kansas?

Kansas City straddles the Kansas & Missouri state border (defined by the Missouri river) hence there is Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO.

Where is Kansas City located?

The is a Kansas City in Kansas and in Missouri.

Who has more national championships Missouri or Kansas?

Kansas. Kansas has won 13 national championships and Missouri has won 2.

Which two states have cities named Kansas City?

Missouri and Kansas both have cities named Kansas City.

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