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8-24-11>>> A genuine copper (bronze actually) 1943 Philadelphia issue Lincoln cent has a minimum value of $60,000.00.

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Q: What is the value of a 1943 copper penny?
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What is the value of a 1943 penny?

it is not rare enough to have any value [will have value in about 3 years]

What is the value of a copper 1943 penny?

A genuine copper (bronze actually) 1943 Philadelphia issue Lincoln cent has a minimum value of $60,000.00.

What is the value of a 1943 copper wheat penny?

A genuine 1943 copper cent would have a value of about $50,000.00 less than 15 are known to exist

What is the value of the rare 1943 copper wheat penny?

$35,000.00 to $81,000.00

How much would a 1943 D copper penny be worth?

A geniune 1943-D copper cent would have a value of about $50,000.00

What is value of 1943 S copper penny?

A genuine 1943-S copper (Bronze actually) cent would have a value of $75,000.00 or more. Only 4 have been authenticated.

Where is a picture of a 1943 copper penny?

Good results when searching "1943 copper penny" at Google Image Search

1943 pure copper penny does anyone know what it's worth?

-In 1943, pennies were made out of steel instead of copper. A 1943 pure copper penny is a rare mint error, and is worth lots.

What is the value of a 1943 pure copper penny?

There is no such coin. The US mint does not a coin out of only one metal.

Why is Lincoln 1943 penny worth more?

The 1943 penny was not made with copper, like all other years. Copper was funneled to the War Department so the 1943 penny was made from steel and other compounds.

What is the value of 1943 copper pennies?

If genuine, they are worth tens of thousands of dollars. Certification is required.However, 99.9% of them out there are fakes. Try checking it with a magnet -- if it sticks, it's a fake.1943 copper penny? Value (US$): $200000

How much is 1942 and 1943 copper pennies worth?

A 1942 copper penny is worth between $0.15 and $3.00. If you have a 1943 copper penny it is worth a lot more. In 1943 because of the war and the need for copper pennies in that year were made from steel. Steel pennies from 1943 are worth around $0.30 and $2.50. If you have a real 1943 copper penny take it to a coin shop or dealer and have them check it out to see if it is real.

Is a copper penny of 1943 a higher value than a penny of 2007 or a lower value?

If it is copper, than it is worth thousands of dollars: unless it is a fraud which you can find out by placing it on a magnet. It will stick if it is fake. If your penny is silver colored, if uncirculated, it is worth about a dollar. if circulated, about 25 cents.

What is a 1943 penny nickel mix with copper?

The 1943 Lincoln cent is zinc coated steel not nickel and copper.

Does a real 1943 copper penny stick to a magnet?

No. Copper is not attracted to a magnet.

How much money is the most expensive penny worth?

1.7 Million dollars, that was what a collector recently paid for a 1943 copper penny made at the Denver mint, the only known 1943 copper penny struck there (keep in mind that the 1943 pennies were struck in steel, the copper 1943 pennies are errors).

Is a copper penny of 1943 higher value than a penny of 2010 or a lower value?

HIGHER!!! It is worth $150,000!!!!CorrectionThe above response refers to an AMERICAN copper penny dated 1943. All Canadian cents dated 1943 were made of copper, while 2010 cents are copper-plated steel. 1943 Canadian cents are worth around 50 cents to a dollar depending on condition, so they're certainly worth more than 2010 cents but not a huge amount. To explain the value of a 1943 AMERICAN copper cent, the US Mint switched to zinc-plated steel that year because copper was needed for making ammunition. A few copper blanks left over from 1942 were accidentally mixed in and were struck with the 1943 date. These coins are very rare and can sell for the amount quoted above.

How much 1943 copper worth?

The value of a copper 1943 penny is $200,000+. However, copper-plated counterfeits are prevalent. In order to test for a counterfeit, run a magnet over the penny. If it doesn't stick, you are now the proud owner one of the rarest mis-struck coins in U.S. Mint history.

What is a 1943 copper penny worth?

A genuine copper 1943 penny is worth many thousands of dollars. However, most out there are fakes; either copper-coated steel cents, or altered 1948 pennies.

1943 copper wheatback penny with no mint mark what is it worth?

you have a 1943 penny that looks like it is made out of copper, this is how you can authenticate it to tell if it is a genuine 1943 copper penny, or a fake 1943 copper penny. But first of all, be aware that the 1943 penny was issued in zinc-coated steel, because the USA needed copper for the war effort. Any genuine 1943 copper pennies are extremely rare mint errors. Learn more about your silver colored 1943 Steel Penny. The easiest way to tell if your 1943 copper cent is merely a copper-plated steel penny is to test it with a magnet. If the magnet sticks to the penny, it's made of steel which has been dipped or plated in copper. Such a penny is worth about 15 cents as a novelty item. If your 1943 copper colored penny doesn't stick to a magnet, then look at the date carefully (using a magnifying glass, if possible.) If the tail of the 3 doesn't extend well below the "line" of numbers, it is probably a cut-in-half 8. A very common fraud involving the copper 1943 cent is to cut away part of the 8 in the date of a 1948 penny. If the 3 in your date looks like half of an 8, your coin is not a genuine 1943 copper penny. Any time you have a potentially valuable coin, it's always a good idea to take it to a qualified coin dealer for a professional opinion. Most dealers do not charge to have a look at your coins and give you an informal verbal appraisal. More Coins Quick Tips Coin Values Guide

Value of a 1943 steel penny no mint mark penny?

A 1943 steel penny with no mintmark can be worth $.35 - $1.50

How do you tell if a 1943 steel penny is real or fake?

The 1943 steel cent is so common and low in value that no one bothers making fakes. It's the COPPER '43 that has fakes out there. A genuine steel penny is magnetic.

What is the most expensive coin ever?

1943 copper penny

Why did the penny turn a silver color?

In 1943 the US Mint briefly replaced the copper penny then in use with a steel penny, due to the wartime copper shortage.

What is the value of a speckled copper 1943 penny?

What you have isn't copper, but you have a steel penny that is starting to rust. In that condition it is only worth about 2-3 cents or so. If uncirculated it might be worth a dollar or two. They are fairly common.