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WP64-51* WINCHESTER MODEL 94 (PRE-64), 30-30 CAL., Mfg. in 1951. 80% to 90% original blue, stock nicely refinished, bore excellent, NRA antique grading fine plus. Please Click on Image to View Larger. $895.00

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How do you remove the stock on a Winchester model 290 .22 caliber rifle?

remove the buttplate screws, and the buttplate. In the large round hole in the stock is the stock bolt. That is unscrewed to remove the stock from the rifle.

How do you remove the stock on a Winchester model 12?

Simple as Pie. (or PI). Remove the buttplate screws and buttplate. Unscrew the buttstock Bolt, all the way, with a LONG screwdriver, remove the bolt and slide off the stock.

How do you take apart a Winchester 370 12 gauge?

pull the forearm downwards from the front, open chamber, push barrel rearwards to remove. remove buttplate screws and buttplate. insert 7/16 socket and extension into hole and remove bolt. stock can now be fully removed, this is as far as you normally need to disassemble for regular cleaning.

How to Remove stock Winchester defender?

First you must remove the buttpad, or buttplate that you have on the stock. You will reveal the hole that the bolt goes into. You will need either a long screw driver or a extension attachment for a ratchet wrench in order to take the bolt out and the stock off.

Where are Remington model 34 but plate?

The steel piece is the original buttplate.

Who made the 20 gauge double barreled shotgun with mac marked on the buttplate?


What part of the rifle is against the shoulder when firing?

The stock- or more specifically, the buttplate (fits on the end of the stock)

How do you tighten rifle stocks?

Best left to a gunmsithAnother answer:Many rifles also have a stock bolt under the Buttplate which if the buttplate can be easily removed (some are not easily removed). There should be a large hole under the buttplate where you can see the head of a large bolt with a flashlight. Find the appropriate long-shanked screw driver & tighten the bolt. Stocks sometimes loosen up from shooting recoil. If you have wood shringage, swelling, warpage,wood rot, oil damage, etc. then take the first answerers advice.

What is the meaning of '3c' marked on the buttplate of a French m1842 musket?

Most likely a inventory or unit marking.

Stevens model 94f 20 gauge where can I find a stock buttplate and other items for this gun?

able firearms on the web

What is a Swiss buttplate on a rifle?

It is a metal device that sits on the end of the stock,that goes up against your shoulder when you shoot the rifle.

Where can i buy a Ranger model 35 22 rifle buttplate?

The buttplate on a Ranger Model 35 was made of steel and blued. It is about 1/16th inch thick and you can make one and cold blue as a substitute. If you want a rubber/plastic butt a Marlin 60 fits pretty good. I'd go with the steel if it was my choice

Western Field 22LR M854 - How do I adjust length of pull?

use a saw and chop the stock, then refinish and attach buttplate.

What is a fair asking price for a 38.55 caliber lever action Winchester from 1800s and has an octagon barrel and a metal crescent buttplate?

The collector value of your Model 1894 can only be assessed by a visual inspection & evaluation. Old Winchesters are very much like old classic automobiles... the graded condition, the factory originality, and the specific configuration are the key factors in determining what they are truly worth.

Did a 1989 vintage 270 Browning BAR come with a factory installed recoil pad?

It would have come with a hard plastic buttplate with the word 'BROWNING' on it.

How do you tighten the stock on a coast to coast 12gauge model cc880?

Take off the buttplate. There is a screw inside. You'll need a long screwdriver and a flashlight.

How do you remove a stock on a Stevens 311 shotgun?

Remove buttplate. Use a socket extension and rachet to unscrew the stock bolt (it's in that hole in the center of the butt)

Where on the receiver would 1 of 1000 be stamped on a Winchester 30-30 M72 Western Field Montgomery Ward?

Your Montgomery Wards M72 which was made by Mossberg and is the model 472PRA was made in only a version which was 1 of 5000.It can be identified by having a Indian scene etched on the receiver,brass buttplate,saddle ring,and barrel will also have a select wood stock.This was made in 1974 only.

How can you get a buttplate for your Iver Johnson Champion 410 shotgun?

Start with Gun Parts Corp and then start looking hard. Old gun parts are getting hard to find.

What is overall length of a 30-30 Marlin 30AS?

i measured mine from the end of the muzzle to the end of the buttplate I came up with 38&5/16 inches

Is there a serial number on the butt plate of Remington Rider Single Shot Pistol?

There is on mine, under the brass buttplate, on the left side. Mine is stamped 18, I believe.

What is the value of a Winchester lever action Buffalo Bill commemorative 3030?

1968 BUFFALO BILL 30-30 cal. 122169 mfg. (rifles & carbines) Engraved blue receiver, nickel plated forend cap, barrel bands and buttplate, medallion in stock RIFLE - 26" heavy octagon barrel $545 CARBINE - 20" heavy octagon barrel $545 Consecutively Serial Numbered Matched Pair

Did the Remington Rolling Block 4 originally come with a butt plate?

Yes It was a crescent buttplate held on with 2 screws. I have one that was made ca 1901 that belonged to my grandfather.

Approximately how old is the Winchester Model 1904 22 rifle?

The Winchester Model 1904 was never serialized. The model was introduced in 1904 and discontinued in 1931. Here are some ways to get a little closer: If you have a crescent buttplate, 1904-c.1910, hard rubber shotgun type buttplates after c.1910. Light checkering on the cocking piece through c.1914, heavy knurling afterward. Barrel markings on top of the barrel through c.1917, on the side afterward. WP proof mark in an oval after c.1918. Diamond-shaped cutout on steel pistol-grip piece, c.1927-1931.

What is history of Winchester model 52 serial number 39524?

I can start by saying your serial number indicates that your Winchester model 52 bolt action 22cal.rifle was one of 3,787 rifles made in the year 1937.Winchester made 125,419 rifles during a time span between 1919-1979.Your model should be the model 52 sporter with a 24in.round light weight barrel with a front sight cover,sporting style select walnut stock with cheekpiece,hard rubber pistol grip cap,and a hard black plastic tipped forearm.The buttplate should be steel and checkered.a 5 shot magazine was issued with the rifle.If you have a model 52A,which was introduced in 1937 this signifies that the receiver and locking lug was strengthened.I hope that you find this informative.

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