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about 1.00

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20 Escudos

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Q: What is the value of a 1951 portuguesa escudo?
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What is the value of an 1928 republica portuguesa 1 escudo coin?

how much is a 1 ESCUDO coin worth

Value of Escudo in Euro's in 2002?

200.48 Escudo's = 1 Euro

What is the value of a 1969 Portuguese 1 escudo coin?

25 cents

What are the release dates for The Scarf - 1951?

The Scarf - 1951 was released on: USA: 6 April 1951 Sweden: 13 August 1951 Denmark: 7 March 1952 Finland: 5 June 1953 Portugal: 5 February 2010 (Cinemateca Portuguesa)

When was Portuguese escudo created?

Portuguese escudo was created in 1911.

When was Mozambican escudo created?

Mozambican escudo was created in 1914.

When did Mozambican escudo end?

Mozambican escudo ended in 1980.

When did Chilean escudo end?

Chilean escudo ended in 1975.

When was Chilean escudo created?

Chilean escudo was created in 1960.

When was Angolan escudo created?

Angolan escudo was created in 1914.

When did Angolan escudo end?

Angolan escudo ended in 1977.

When was Suzuki Escudo created?

Suzuki Escudo was created in 1988.