What is the value of a 1957 B US 1 dollar silver certificate?

1957 B $1 silver certificates are common among collectors and sell for about $1.25- $1.50 in circulated condition. A nice uncirculated one might bring $3.

Why Blue Ink?

Starting in the 1920s standard seal colors were used to identify different types of bills:

  • Green: Federal Reserve Notes
  • Blue: Silver certificates
  • Red: United States Notes
  • Gold: Gold certificates

Gold certificates were discontinued in 1933, production of silver certificates ended in 1965, and US Notes were phased out in favor of Federal Reserve Notes as a cost-saving measure. Today all bills are produced with green seals and serial numbers.

Serial Numbers

You don't generally have to copy the serial number because it doesn't really help to ID a bill and rarely affects its value. The date, series letter, and seal color are usually what matter. There are some collectors who specialize in unusual or low serial numbers, e.g. 12345678 or 00000004 so it's worth looking out for similar bills.