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The value of a 1957 Brazil Cruzeiro depends on its condition. It could fetch anything between 20 c and 2.50 US dollars at auction.


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Not much. The Cruzeiro went out of circulation some time ago, but not long enough to be particularly rare yet.

Brazilian cruzeiro real ended in 1994.

The former Brazilian currency was the cruzeiro.In fact, there were three distinct cruzeiro currencies. The first cruzeiros circulated during the years 1942-1967. The second cruzeiros circulated during the years 1967-1986. This second set was called 'cruzeiro novo' ['new cruzeiro']. It replaced the first ['old'] cruzeiro currency, at the rate of one cruzeiro novo for every 1,000 old cruzeiros. The third set circulated during the years 1990-1993.

Cruzeiro is a city in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, but it is not the capital.

how much money if i change one UM cruzeiro to rupiah

Cruzeiro do Sul International Airport was created in 1970.

Cruzeiro do Sul - newspaper - was created in 1903.

The rates change every day. Use this currency converter to calculate it.

The airport code for Cruzeiro do Sul International Airport is CZS.

Daniel Cruzeiro's birth name is Daniel Filipe Seia Neves Cruzeiro.

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The "cruzeiro" is not a Brazilian currency anymore, the current currency is the "Real".RS$ 100.000,00 worth US$ 54.875

Brazilian 1000 mil cruzeiros equalled one cruzeiro real which in turn equalled 1/2750 of a current real. The third cruzeiro currency [ISO code BRE, 1990-1993] was replaced by cruzeiro real [BRR, 1993-1994] at a rate of one cruzeiro real equalling 1000 cruzeiros. The current real currency [BRL, 1994-present] replaced the cruzeiro real at a rate of one real equalling 2750 cruzeiros reais.

No 1957 quarter is rare and I have no info on grade but the scrap value is about $3.00 each.

The cast of Cruzeiro - 2008 includes: Mayra Avellar Luis Henrique Dos Santos Diogo Nascimento Dudu Queiroz

There were no Eire (Irish) 1957 Shillings minted.

A 1957 nickel is worth face value only, unless it's uncirculated or a proof coin.

The cast of O Cruzeiro do Sul - 1917 includes: Adelaide Vittorio Capellaro Enrico Fragale Georgina Marchiani

There was no British 1957 Crown (Five Shillings) minted.

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There were no 50.00 bills in 1957. Your answer is zero.

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Brazilian currency is the Real. The "cruzeiro" was a former currency. I don't know the current rate for the Real, something like 1.8 reais for one dollar.

how much is a double died 1957 penny worth

No way to compare. Cruzeiro was a former and ancient brazilian currency. Nowadays, due to Brazil development, the Real currency worths much more.

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