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The Blue Book lists 33 different versions of the Model 1100. A few can be eliminated, since they were not manufactured in the 60's or in 12 gauge, but that still leaves a range from $165 for a Field Grade in 60% condition to to $9000 for a Gold Premier in 100%. Then factor in such things as ventilated or plain rib, Monte Carlo or plain stock, wood or synthetic stock, adjustable or fixed choke, after-market alterations (buttplate removed and recoil pad added), and left-handed models. Assuming that your gun is not a special-order item or highly engraved or inlaid with gold or silver, most versions will list from about $250 to $450 if it retains 80-90% of its original finish and has not been altered from the original factory configuration. If you need a closer estimate than that, someone familiar with the model will have to examine it. I just purchased a 12 gauge that Remington said today was made in 1966. I paid $300 and it is in decent shape, just worn normally.

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Q: What is the value of a 1960s 12 gauge Remington Model 1100 semi-automatic?
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You can request an owner's manual for free at the Remington website.

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