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Q: What is the value of a 1972 Plymouth Valiant?
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What is the value of a 1972 Plymouth valiant.?

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What is the value for 1967 Plymouth valiant?


What is the value for a 1970 Plymouth Valiant?

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When was Plymouth Valiant created?

Plymouth Valiant was created in 1960.

When did Plymouth Valiant end?

Plymouth Valiant ended in 1976.

During what years was the Plymouth Valiant produced?

The Plymouth Valiant was first produced in 1960 and discontinued in 1976.

What is the value of a 1966 Plymouth Valiant 4 door in good condition?

Look on the website

When was the Plymouth Valiant first produced?

The Plymouth Valiant was an automobile that started production in 1960 and was produced by the Plymouth division of the Chrysler Corporation until 1976.

What is the value of a poor condition 1961 Plymouth Valiant?

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Will a 1973 dodge dart fender fit a 1972 Plymouth valiant both are 2 door cars?

only if you chang hood and grille

What did a 1965 Plymouth valiant cost?

Around $2000

What size rims for 1965 Plymouth Valiant?

14" rims.

When and what car fitted the first alternator?

1960 Plymouth Valiant

What body style does a 1965 Plymouth valiant convertible have?

It was the A body.

Do they make a k frame for a 68 Plymouth valiant?

I would think that the valiant and the barricuda K-frames are the same.

Where can you find vacuum diagrams for a 1973 Plymouth valiant?

try the library and get a chiltons repair manual for your year valiant.

Would a 1975 4 door Plymouth valiant hood fit a 1973 Plymouth duster?

Yes. Any 73 and up Duster or Valiant hood would fit.

During which years did Chrysler market the Valiant line of cars?

The Chrysler Valiant was produced by Chrysler Australia in 1962 and production was stopped in 1981. In the United States the Valiant was re-branded Plymouth Valiant.

Why was the Plymouth Valiant made?

To compete with the Chevy nova and the ford falcon.

Where do you find the Valiant grille emblem from a 1970 Plymouth Duster?


How much is a 1972 Plymouth Volare worth?

The Plymouth Volare didn't exist in 1972

Where is the VIN number located on a 1972 Plymouth valiant?

On top of the dash on the drivers side under the windshield. On my 72 Valiant Scamp, the plate on the top of the dash only states "Chrysler Corporation". The VIN is located on the inside of the driver's door adjacent to the door jamb.

Will bumpers for a 1972 Plymouth duster fit a 1973 Plymouth duster?

The bumpers for a 1972 Plymouth will fit a 1973 Plymouth duster with a little fabrication.

What are some car names that begin with letter V?

* Volvo * Vauxhall * Volkswagen * Vega (Chevy) * Valiant (Plymouth) * Volare (Plymouth)

Does a windshield from a 1972 Plymouth valiant 4 door fit on a 1969 dodge dart?

I doubt it very much. 2 door cars will fit both Plymouth and dodge 2 doors the 4- door will not fit a 2 door it is a taller winsheild