What is the value of a 1984 Holiday Barbie doll?

There were no Holiday Barbie's before 1988. This Barbie was the most limited edition released in the Holiday Collection. There were four Holiday Barbie dolls released that Holiday season per toy store, and caused an enormous problem for shoppers. This Doll, if in box and in mint condition, can be worth anywhere from $1,000-$1,500+. However, if you have the entire original Holiday Barbie Collection, original being key because they started making them again, but the ones made after 2000 are not really worth anything. Anyway, if you have 1988-2000 the entire boxed mint collection can be worth roughly $20,000...more if you have the 1988 doll. My estimates are a little rough, because though I have the whole collection, I haven't gotten quotes on it in roughly seven or eight years, so the 1988 doll and the collection could both be worth more by now. Hope this helped.