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There seems to be three values to a coin:

1.) Face Value

2.) Intrinsic Value

3.) Numismatic (Collector) Value

Of the three, a coin owner should pursue the highest of the three values

1.) Face Value is the amount approved and printed by the mint of the country it was issued in. For example, a $1 Presidential Coin is always going to be worth at least $1. A dollar bought a lot in 1950, but these days may get a small cup of coffee with we're fortunate. The Christmas coin doesn't have a face value if I recall, so we can move on to the next value.

2.) Intrinsic Value is worth of the metal of which the coin is composed. This is where your bullion coin comes into play. Find out how much silver is worth for the day at a site like one hosted by Kitco . Today, it is $29.90 per ounce which can go up or down. Your coin weighs more than a usual ounce at 31.10 instead of 28.35 so add about 9% to that. If you were to sell the coin today, someone who pays $32.50 would be paying full price for the silver. Expect 1/3 this amount at a pawn or other 'fast cash' way of selling, probably at least 1/2 of the intrinsic value an auction or e-bay with interested buyers. See how similar coins sell and judge by these sales.

3.) Collector value is a whole different animal, one that I would call an 'odd duck'. It's a combination between rarity and physical appeal. If it is very rare, expect the price to be double or more and for some people, if it is an image they really want, the sky is the limit. All the best in this fickle market that varies greatly from person to person and the chances of owning a rare coin that a collector absolutely needs to complete his/her collection is...well, rare.

Finally, I would advice NOT cleaning your coin. Even if it's a little tarnished in the package, leave it be. Cleaning can drop the value up to 90% depending on how often and incorrectly it is done.

Hope this helps, all the best on your coin endevours and welcome others to correct any information here I may have misrepresented.

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Q: What is the value of a 1990 one troy ounce 999 fine silver coin on one side there is Santa with a Christmas tree and Happy Holy days on the other side is a scale?
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