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You have a American Eagle Bullion $10 coin - if minted in the year of 1995, its worth in a MS60 condition is: $ 265. By the way, the coin should be carrying a mint mark of "W."

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Q: What is the value of a 1995 10 dollar liberty gold coin?
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What is the worth value of liberty dollar coin?

the worth value of the liberty dollar coin is worth 50cents.

What is the value of a 2000 Liberty E Pluribus Unnm 1 coin?

The coin is a Sacagawea dollar not a liberty dollar and it's only worth a dollar.

What is the value of a silver 1945 half dollar Liberty coin?

It's a Walking Liberty half dollar with a value of about $13.00

What is the value of an 1883 liberty one dollar coin?

One dollar

Value of a 1924 gold liberty coin?

what is the vaule of a 1924 miss liberty one dollar coin

What is the value of a 1921 liberty head one dollar gold coin?

what is a 1921 liberty head gold one dollar coin worth

How much is 1977 dollar liberty head worth?

The coin is a Eisenhower dollar (1971-1978) not a " Liberty Head" dollar. The coin is face value, unless it's proof coin.

How much is a 1979 silver liberty dollar coin worth today?

The coin is not a silver liberty dollar. It's a 1979 Susan B. Anthony Dollar coin and has no silver in it and the value is one dollar.

What is the value of an 1833 liberty half dollar?

value depends on condition of coin

What is the value of a liberty dollar from 1922?

The coin is a Peace dollar not a Liberty dollar and retail values for circulated coins are $16.00-$20.00

What is the value of a 1998 liberty 25 dollar gold coin?


What is the value of 1880-p liberty dollar?

Assuming the coin is circulated, the 1880 Morgan dollar ( not a Liberty dollar ) is a very common coin, the values are $26.00-$32.00 retail. A typical Mint State coin is $40.00