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ok you need more info is it Black Powder. the way to tell there will be a screw on front of the frame under the barrel that means that it was made befor 1900 or there abouts. And sometimes it well have a unit that gun was assigned to and does it have a model (1860 ect. something like that, and a pat. date. When people go to buy thes guns they look at all the numbers.And see if they match on the gun .That means all the parts have same no. It well be lets say 48123 that's the of the gun. Then the parts well read 123 on each one . Then the condtion of the gun. And if it's not in the gray .More than likely they well not buy the gun. ( it's not blue any more.) And they look for the inspector's marks on it they well also buy the gun if it has the inspector they want. That is a Big deal to them also. I have a friend I called to tell about a gun for sell 1880's ( not sure) but colt rebuilt it in 1896 .That's ok. US mark 45 cal 71/2 in barrel they wanted 8600.00 I gave him part of ser .no. from that he told me what unit the gun was sent to and who the inspector was . and it was worth about 3500.00 to 4000.00 to a collector. But you need to give more info about your gun to get the value. 1st gen went all way to 1952. Chow

Serial #48xxx was manufactured in 1879 and is in the Intermediate Black Powder SAA range. It is also in the correct serial number range to be a US Issue Calvary revolver and with the US markings and the cartouche on the grips it's very likely that it is. HOWEVER, having said this, it would be well worth the money to contact Colt and have them provide you a factory letter on the firearm. The cost is around $100.00 and it would prove the authenticity. Values for this Colt range between $3,000 to $35,000 retail pricing (less if you are selling it to a dealer as they buy at wholesale and sell at retail), based on the condition of the firearm. With the information you have provided and assuming that the firearm is in the condition stated in your question the approximate value would be between $10,000 for good condition (50% metal and wood finish remaining and factory original configuration), $20,000 for Very Good (90% metal and wood finish remaining and factory original) and 30,000-35,000 for Excellent (100% metal and wood finish remaining, factory original, pretty much as it would be new in the box).

A Colt with a number in the 48,000 range was made in late 1878, not in 1879. The armory inspector was Henry Nettleton, Armory S-1. He would have been a captain. If the weapon retains a 7 1/2" barrel it was Cavalry issue & passed out of the military inventory before the late 1890s, most likely under somebody's coat. If the barrel is now 5 1/2" it was probably modified by the Army in the late 1890s & not by a civilian gunsmith. All 7 1/2" Colts still in the inventory were shortened to 5 1/2" then. TexasCharley

The afore mentioned information is correct in every detail. For value suggest you contact '' a very good firearms auctioneer. furnish them all information and pictures that they may give you auction value......

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Q: What is the value of a 1st gen 45 cal SA Colt sn 48xxx stamped US and in good to excellent condition black powder matching sn's and 2 HN inspector initials plus a cartouche on the wooden grip?
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