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The value will be five cents. Older coins were often struck with one side first, then the other - meaning that the face and reverse sides were not aligned. Modern processes are able to strike both sides simultaneously - meaning the images on both sides of the coin are perpendicular.

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Q: What is the value of a 2004 Louisiana Purchase nickel with the back printed upside-down?
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What is the value of a 2004 Louisiana Purchase nickel with the back printed upside down?

5 cents. The reverse side of all U.S. coins is upside-down in relation to the front.

How much is a Louisiana purchase 2004 nickel?

It's worth exactly 5 cents.

1803 Louisiana purchase coins are they old?

Look at the date on the front of the Nickel it's 2004 so no it's not old.

What is on both sides of the 1803 nickel comm emorating the Louisiana purchase?

The obverse has Jefferson and the reverse shows the Peace Medal.

How much is Louisiana purchase 2004 nickel worth?

It is worth 5 cents unless it is uncirculated in original mint packaging or has a S mintmark.

Louisiana purchase 1803 nickel?

It's just one of the Westward Journey series. The 2004 date is on the front of the coin. Spend it.

Is there a 1807 Louisiana nickel?

No, 1866 was the first year for a US nickel.

What is the value of a Louisiana Purchase nickel?

The coin is still in circulation and is very common, spend it. Five cents. They were made in the millions. You can easily find one in your pocket change.

What years was the Jefferson Nickel printed with P S and the D stamp?


Is a nickel crossprinted with a dime worth money?

Pleas be more specific. Coins are not printed they are struck.

Where can brushed nickel bathroom accessories be bought?

You can purchase brushed nickel bathroom accessories from any home improvement store. The best stores to purchase from are Home Depot, Home Hardware and Rona.

How rair is a one sideed nickel?

Totally rare, i.e. it can't exist. Every nickel must have two sides, whether or not either side has anything printed on it.

What is the Value of 1941 silver nickel with misprint?

To set things straight:- It's made of copper-nickel, not silver- It was struck, not printed. Paper bills are printed.That said, there are many different kinds of minting errors. Please post a new question with more details.

Where can one purchase brushed nickel hardware for kitchen cabinets?

One can purchase brushed nickel hardware for kitchen cabinets at a variety of online vendors such as: "Knobdepot", "Overstock", "Homedepot", "eBay", "Houzz", "Amazon", and many more.

How much is an 1803 Louisiana Purchase nickel worth?

The coin was not made in 1803 but in 2004 and it's a nickel spend it. +++++++++++++++++ Unless it's in a sealed mint set, it's only worth a nickel. If you're collecting the coins now is the time to pull them out of circulation before they get too much wear on them. The best time to collect any coins is when they first come out, not only are they in better condition, but you won't have to buy them in the future because you saved them when they were new, then they will be worth something. So unless it's in immaculate condition, it's just a nickel, so spend it.

What is the value of a 2000 us nickel with letter P printed?

The "P" is the mintmark of the Philadelphia Mint. All U.S. coins from 1980 to 2012 made at this mint have a "P" mintmark. It's just a nickel, spend it.

What is the value of 1943 nickel printed only front side?

This is not possible because the obverse and reverse die strike the coin simultaneously.

Who wants to purchase a 1803 nickel?

Just in case this is not a "Joke Question" turn the coin over to the obverse (front) an you will see the date 2004. It's just a nickel.

What is the value of a 1944 US nickel with eagle and shield in front and man and filipinas printed on back?

It's NOT a U.S. nickel. The coin is a 5 CENTAVOS coin dated 1944 from the Commonwealth of the Philippines issue. It has a average value of 25 cents.

How much an 1803 nickel costs?

A billion dollars considering that such a coin doesn't and can't exist. US nickels were first minted in 1866, prior to that the 5 cent piece was a tiny silver coin called the half dime.You probably have a Louisiana Purchase commemorative nickel. If you turn it over, you'll find the minting date - 2004- is on the front of the coin.

Where can one purchase brushed nickel faucets?

You can purchase brushed nickel faucets from diy, building and other retailers as well as auction sites such as eBay, B&Q, Homebase, Tapoutlet, Tradelines, Lightinthebox, Houzz, Amazon, Victorian Plumbing, William Holland, Moen etc.

How do you nickel plate a handgun?

Due to the close tolerances of the working parts, its best to purchase a handgun that is already nickel plated. This would be guaranteed by the manufacturer to work properly. If one was determined to nickel-plate a pistol that wasn't made that way, submitting the gun to a person who specializes in nickel-plating firearms.

What is the value of a 2004 Louisiana Purchase nickel?

It's an ordinary circulation nickel from the Westward Journey series, issued in 2004-2006 to commemorate the Lewis and Clark expedition. Hundreds of millions were struck so they're not rare. If you found it in change it's only worth five cents. Uncirculated or proof-condition ones might retail for $1 to $4 depending on how nicely struck the images are. A lot of people see the 1803 date on the back and mistakenly think that's the year it was minted. That's the year that President Jefferson signed the Louisiana Purchase agreement. If anyone tells you they've found a new-looking "1803 nickel" ask them if they turned it over and checked the date on the other side!Five cents.

What is the value of a 2004 Louisiana Purchase dime?

Not a dime, a nickel. That's why is says FIVE CENTS on the back. (You DID look at the back, right?) Anyway, your coin is only worth 5¢ if it came from pocket change. Billions were minted. The design celebrates the Lewis and Clark expedition. They're not seen much in circulation because people saved them as curiosities.

How would you make a change for a 4.55 purchase paid with a 10 bill?

5.45 is five dollars, four dimes and a nickel.