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Depends on condition. $400-$1000

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How do you disassmble a browning auto5 light 12 shotgun?

Go to and you can download a manual

What year is my browning auto5 light twelve japan sn?

YOu must provide the serial number.

What is value of Browning Light Twenty Belgian made special steel barrel Serial 75Z 84354?

50-500 USD or so

When was your browning auto5 built sn l 52789?

The serial number L52789 indicates that you have a Browning light weight model,auto-5 shotgun which was made in the year 1955.

How much is a Belgian browning light 12 worth?

05-500 usd

When refering to a 12 gauge browning shotgun what does the light twelve refer to on the barrel?

It shouldn't say light twelve on the barrel, but on the receiver. Light twelve means that the gun is a light weight version of the standard Auto5 shotgun.

How much is a Belgian made browning light twelve shotgun worth?

50-550 uSD

Belgian Browning light twelve serial og10542 gold trigger what was the year made Thanks?

according to Browning you have a Light A-5 12 ga. made in 1960. Hope this helps

What is a Belgian made browning light twelve fair condition serial no 68g49660?

50 350 USD

What is the value of a brownings auto5 light twelve serial 63g43883 belgium special steel 2 34 barrel in excellent condition?

If your browning auto-5 is in excellent condition(85-90%)original finish?I would assign a value of 550-650 dollars.

What is value Belgian browning auto-5 light twelve serial 36647?

0-300 USD

What is the age of a Belgian Browning Auto-5 serial OG 86181?

Light-12 made in 1960.

What is the value of a Belgian made 1969 Browning A5 Light Twelve shotgun in good condition?

@ 400 USD

How much is a Belgian Browning Light Twelve 12 Ga with a gold trigger serial?

50-550 usd

What years were 12 gauge Browning light twelve shotgun made?

The light 12 was introduced in 1947 until 1998 when the gun was discontinued as a regular model in the Browning Line. Japanese production began in 1976, all before then were Belgian. A few custom guns were made in Herstal after 1976, but they were exceptions and special commemoratives.

What is the value of a Belgian Browning Light Twelve hump back shotgun serial 287384 in excellent condition?

1000.00 dollars

What is the value of a 20 gauge Belgian Browning Light 20 Auto-5 shotgun?

Anywhere from $350-$1400.

When was a Browning light made in Belgian with serial number 67342 made? has a sn function under customer service

What year was the browning sweet sixteen serial number g24926 made?

By this serial number for an Auto5, the gun should be a Light Twelve 12 guage model made in 1956. It is not a Sweet 16.

What is the value of a 20 gauge Belgian Browning semi-automatic serial 7Z 14376?

Browning Auto-5 'Light Twenty' made in 1967. Value from $450-$1000.

Where can you find a skeet barrel for a 12ga Belgian made Browning A 5 light twelve?

The barrel exchange will be your best bet if you called browning this is the place they would refer you to. They are located in Ga.

What is the year of maunfacture and general value of a belgian browning a5 light 12 gold trigger sn 69g 73xxx?


What is the value of a Belgian Browning Light 20 Auto-5 shotgun with serial number 4Z82290?

50-550 usd

What is the year of manufacture of a Belgian made Browning Shotgun Light Twelve serial 0876877? has a sn search function you can use.

What is special about an Acier Special Browning Auto-5 Light Twelve?

Simply means 'special steel' in French.