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What is the value of a 22 caliber Ithaca single shot lever action?

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I got mine a year ago for $50 in functional but worn and beginning to rust condition. I have seen some on the Internet go as high as $225.

in 1961 they went for $20 dollars

In 1962 they sold for 12 dollars.

What model 22? 49 or 72 49s are junk Ithaca pulled them from the market because they failed to fire and the shells stick in them. 72s were made in Germany to replace the 49 recalls they are worth $350.00 in excellent shape.

i own a model 49 that was my dads and it's a very accurate gun and ive had no problem with mine.this is a very old one maybe why.

The Ithaca Model 49 makes a great beginners rifle. Also, they didn't pull them from the market because of failure to fire or shells sticking, they discontinued manufacturing due to low sales. I've owned one for 22 years now (my dad bought it for me when I was 10 years old). Very simple, light and accurate, not much else needed for a young shooter. I've seen a few for sale in the $150-200 price range, depending on the condition.

Actually, the Model 49 Ithaca Saddle Gun was and is considered to be a highly reliable little singleshot. The Model 49R, on the other hand, was a repeater that was made for only about three years and had a deserved reputation for being a problem gun -- problems with loading in particular. The 49R was pulled and replaced with the 72, which had its mechanical parts made by Erma in Germany. It's (cosmetically at least) very much like the modern Henry H001. Today I see the 49 sell from $50 on up to the low $200s. The 49R is a niche gun that can bring $150 or more despite its issues. The 72 is in the $175 to $375 range, depending on condition. Any of these in magnum will bring a premium over the .22 LR.

Yes, the Ithaca Model 49 .22 single is a good little rifle. When they came on the market there were three variations - basic, deluxe, and fancy (my terms). I bought the deluxe: walnut stock and forearm, sling swivels and sling, gold plated hammer and trigger. this was my son's first gun - I paid over 100.00. It is in excellent condition and expect it is worth about 325. It has open sights. As manufactured in the 1960s they never were 12.00 dollars! I recall that some base models appeared to have dark stained birch stocks and some blonde stocks.

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its a 49 22 cal made by Ithaca single action

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This model was manufactured from 1973 to 1978 by Erma Werke in West Germany for Ithaca.

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yes ive only seen a blued, but it is true!

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Most were single shot lever actions. Operate lever to open action, insert cartridge, close action.

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Ithaca Model 49, made c.1968-1970 or so. Value ranges from $50-$125.

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