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I have the same rifle and have found values between $200.00 - $1,200.00 American $ depending on the condition.

2011-09-15 11:13:59
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What is the value of a Winchester model 88 manufactured in 1961 in 358 caliber?

The Winchester model 88 manufactured in 1961, 358 caliber is worth $3,900 in excellent condition. In fair condition, it is worth $999.

What year was the Winchester model 70 caliber 30.06 serial number 870770 manufactured?

your Winchester model 70 was produced in 1968.

What year was Winchester model 70 caliber .270 serial 322076 manufactured?

@ 1954

What year was Winchester model 88 caliber 308 serial number 130354A manufactured?


Winchester 9422m 167784 when was it manufactured?

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Winchester model 9422M in .22 WMR caliber was made in the year 1974.

What year was Winchester model 61 22 caliber with octagon barrel rifle were manufactured?

Provide sn.

What is the value of a 22 s caliber Winchester model 90 man by Winchester repeating arms co New Haven conn US pat jun 26 88 dec 692 nov 27 06 May 30 1911 with octagonal barrel serial 709401a?

10-1000 USD or more depending on specifics.

What calibers were the Winchester model 1917 manufactured in?

The Winchester model of 1917 rifle was only chambered in 1 caliber.That was the 30-06 Gov. caliber.

What year was Winchester model 88 caliber 308 serial number 25737 manufactured?

The gun was made in 1956

What is the age of a 32 caliber Winchester Model 92 serial 958028?

If you are talking about the model 92 it was manufactured in 1926.

What year was a Winchester model 54 30 caliber Serial number 37392A manufactured? has sn data.

What is the value of a 32WS Winchester 1894 serial 313638 with a half magazine and octagonal barrel?

If I'm not mistaken the gun was manufactured in or around 1904. The caliber 32 WS was not that popular so less we manufactured. I would say it's a nice collectors piece in the neighborhood of $3000 to #3500. See what others have to say but I'm in the ballpark. BMH, AZ

What year was Winchester model 88 caliber 308 serial number 6583 manufactured?

1955 (first year of production).

What is the age of a 22 caliber Meriden Model 35 pump patented in 1912 with an octagonal barrel?

It had to be manufactured between the 1912 patent date and 1915 when the company ceased operations.

In what years were the Winchester 25 - 20 cal. manufactured?

The Winchester 25-20 caliber was first chambered in the Winchester model 1892 rifle/carbine which was made from 1892.The last chambering that I have found was in the Winchester model 43 bolt action rifle that was produced from 1949-1957.I would surmise that this caliber was available from 1892-1957.

What is the value of Winchester 38 caliber 40 Winchester 73 March 29 1866 August 16 1860 serial number 360728B Winchester repeating arm new haven con usa kings improvement patent?

Your Winchester Model 1873 of .38-40 caliber was manufactured in 1889. Depending on the exact conditon, barrel type (rifle, musket, carbine) and lack or presence of special features, you can expect the value to be between $750 - $14000. You can post pictures and barrel information at to get a more precise value for your firearm.

What is a pre 1964 Winchester M 70 caliber 375 H and H manufactured in 1954 worth?

100-1000 USD or more

How old is Winchester model 64 serial number 1168949?

Hello, Your Model 64 was manufactured on March 14th, 1938. What caliber is it? Bert H.

Winchester caliber for serial number G973346?

You will have to contact Winchester.

What caliber bullet does a Winchester Model 94 32 WS take?

32 caliber... "32 W.S." is the designation for the 32 caliber Winchester Special cartridge.

How many Winchester model 94 32 Winchester specials were manufactured in 1964?

As far as I know Winchester did not brake down the production figures by caliber for any certain year.They may have it in their records,but I do not believe that this was released to the public.I would contact Winchester directly and they may provide the answer that you seek.

What is the value of a 22 caliber Winchester Model 03 automatic rifle serial 53762 in very good condition?

Your Model 03 Winchester was manufactured in 1909. They are quite collectable and are selling for between $800 and $ 1,200.

What year was a Winchester Model 94 30 caliber serial number 1806919 made?

Your Model 94 Carbine was manufactured in the year 1951. Bert H.

What is the value of a .32 caliber Winchester lever action in good condition with original working parts manufactured March 29 1860?

500 USD

What is the value of a 30-30 caliber Winchester Model 1894 octagon barrel?

== == What is the value of 30 caliber Winchester 1894 ?