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What is the value of a 30-30 caliber Model M72C?


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2011-09-15 11:14:01
2011-09-15 11:14:01

Can you give us a clue as to the manufacturer. I don't want to leaf through 1700 pages of the Blue Book looking for a M72C.

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the m72c is a western field 30-30 manufactured by mossberg in the 70's.I don't know the book value on it, but I just purchased one for $125.00 with a scope.sorry couldn't be more help.


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The Western Field m72 was made for Wards stores by Mossberg from the early 70's to the early 80's. value $150 to $300 depending on condition.

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Contact Mossberg Customer Service through their website. That rifle was made by Mossberg for Montgomery Wards. It is a Mossberg Model 742.

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A Westernfield M72 (actually a M72C) is a Mossberg Model 472. You might try for disassembly instructions for the Mossberg 472 in the Gun Digest Sporting Rifle Assembly/Disassembly book.

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The Western Field model 72 lever-action rifle was made by Mossberg and generally resembled the Marlin 336. These two rifles are not the same an no parts interchange EXCEPT for the scope mounts. The same bases that work on the Marlin 336 will work on the Western Field (or Mossberg or Revelation versions).

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